173. Cities Prepare for Election Riots

Brett Favre ENDORSES Trump! | Nancy Pelosi Plans to STEAL the Election? | Hollywood BOARDS UP in Preparation for Election Riots

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brett favre endorses trump nancy pelosi plans to steal the election and hollywood and other major cities are boarding up in preparation for election night looking into all this and more so nfl great brett favre throws in his support towards trump he previously tamped down on assumptions he was supporting the president so yes brett favre came out supporting trump this was probably one of the most likely endorsements but before we get too much into this if you guys please drop this video like it helps out in the algorithm also if you support me uh become a subscriber and turn the post notifications on let’s get into this so brett favre is in trump’s corner the three-time nfl mvp cast his support of trump’s re-election bid on friday he tweeted his support for the president and made it clear where he stands on some hot issues so this is what he tweeted my vote is for what makes this country great freedom of speech and religion second amendment hard working tax paying citizens police and military in this election we have freedom of choice which all which all should respect for me and these principles my vote is for real donald trump and then trump uh team trump responded saying thank you brett favre and i think brett favre represents the great majority of middle america it’s just people who just want freedom to do what they want have their guns respect for the tax paying citizens police and military that represents pretty much 99 of middle america whereas people in in la and new york they live in their own little bubbles and and sadly enough they control close to 100 electoral votes but what is it maybe uh 70 maybe electoral votes between just los angeles controlling california in new york city controlling new york insane amount of electoral votes that those two cities have control over so far far drawn the likes of golf legend jack nicholas ex-nfl quarterback jay cutler and rapper little wayne who recently expressed their support for the president um and then just going into the other endorsements so i mean this is good i mean it makes sense for brett favre to come out in support of trump because he’s obviously not playing anymore doesn’t have to deal with that stuff he’s for the most part retired he’s only doing a bunch of commercials let me look up his net worth real quick because it takes a lot of balls if you would say uh to come out uh in support of trump especially if you’re still actively working so it says his net worth is 100 million honestly i think it’s probably more than that because he’s been playing for a long time uh he earned 140 million in his salary alone the highest biggest salaries i think it’s way more than 100 million because they’re literally saying 140 million here unless he’s got a bad gambling problem but doesn’t seem like that type of person so pelosi is saying i feel very confident that joe biden will be the president whatever the end count is like it but we’re gonna go into the full quote and let’s try to break down the context before we get into it please drop this video like and subscribe for a new video every single day liking does help out in the algorithm also turn the post notifications on so let’s see uh speaker pelosi has uh anonymously proclaimed during her latest meetings report with reporters that the far left house speaker vowed that joe biden will be inaugurated as president no matter the final vote tallies no matter the final what the final vote is this is the full quote i feel very confident that joe biden will be elected president on tuesday whatever the end count is but on the election that occurs on tuesday he will be elected on january 20th he will be inaugurated as the president of the united states this is frightening proclamation by the democrat leader who who uh is third in line to the presidency the democrat power is a lawless and violent well that’s 100 true let’s see if there’s a a clip that we can watch really quickly um i don’t want to get flagged don’t mail it uh well she’s nothing if not let’s go i really don’t want to get flagged for this it’s very confident here we go joe biden will be elected president on tuesday whatever the end count is but on the election that occurs on tuesday he will be elected on january 20th he will be inaugurated president of the united states i mean it could completely be which is one one major possibility is that she’s just a complete idiot and just that’s how she talks because we know the democrats and their guests and their blunders all the time on air that she probably didn’t mean anything by it or just doesn’t understand math or just withheld any context so i like to get people to benefit the doubt before going all into this is going to be a full-on coup no matter what happens what we do know is well we can all guess what’s going to happen if trump does win there’s going to be riots and burning down the city obviously that’s going to be activated by the democrats by the mainstream media by social media tech companies that’s gonna probably pretty much be activated by that and uh the people that are gonna be rioting and burning down democrat cities are somehow gonna magically think that that will overturn the election which it won’t what we’re going to probably also see is a lot of these rioters going to white suburban areas um in to blame them for the election of trump so they’re probably going to try to burn down white suburban areas at that point they’re going to be met with force and it’s not going to end well for these democrat rioters at all i hope they don’t do that but it’s there’s those things that you’re hoping things don’t happen but you kind of know that they’re going to happen and you really do not want to see any of the bloodshed that comes from such but you kind of know it’s going to happen just because the history repeats itself because that’s where things are heading so let me know your thoughts please drop this video like so hollywood is boarding up in preparation for election night backlash because antifa black lives matter and other democrat groups are going to burn cities down if trump wins people are boarding up all over the place now this is an article an absolute heartbreaking to watch washington board up for an election the profoundly disorienting feelings of wonder just a second whether to we live in a failed state now there’s a lot of people that are blaming trump for what is happening a lot of people saying well this is trump’s america if you this is your america the you you did this the democrats antifa black lives matter they’re the ones that created this because you’re reacting to trump because you think trump is is xyz so this is your reaction this is what you call us trump had did not cause this you caused it in the middle of the specul spectacles of the year since 2016 the sites of downtown dc chain pharmacy putting boards over its storefront on a quiet late afternoon october afternoon does not seem particularly grotesque as a country we’ve seen images of children in cages white supremacists would torture his naval hospital sailing and lockdown covets drake in new york a city just witnessed military vehicles take upon a major intersection seen the white house reside behind vast new blocks of fencing and watched a federal authority tear gas peaceful protesters in lafayette square to enable the president okay yep what kind who’s right in this article what world do they live in peaceful protesters we’re only boarding up for peaceful protesters this is why oh you can’t read any any of these liberal publications they just give you a bunch of bs they just feed you but bs listen i live in hollywood right now just walking around i i see all everything being boarded up because guess what just a couple months ago that they were burning the city down over black lives matter these democrats these left-wing groups they somehow think oh something happened we don’t like let’s just burn our city down to the ground like that’s gonna make any difference like that’s gonna stop police brutality like that’s gonna make trump decide you know what i guess i’ll just give the presidency to biden you know oh you know what maybe we’ll just redo the whole entire court listen the mob rule doesn’t work in this country it wasn’t it wasn’t designed to burn cities down for your for what you want if anything america was designed for a revolution an uprising with a particular purpose correct me if i’m wrong but i don’t remember any reading anything about the founding fathers burning down their own cities for independence i correct me if i’m wrong but i do not remember ever reading about such thing but these people are twisted these people are demented they don’t understand the constitution they don’t believe in the constitution it is ironic and i’m glad that they’re this dumb because if they actually did believe in our constitution maybe they’ll just start taking arms and starting starting to storm the castle in my opinion but it’s a good thing they don’t believe in the constitution it’s so ironic because they don’t believe in the constitution but at the same time think they need to revolt from a tyrannical government but then at the same time they want to take away your freedom of speech they want to take care of your rights to bear arms oh they always tell you oh do you really think the government’s going to become tyrannical and then look at them now they’re they’re losing their mind but it’s kind of good that they don’t have any coherent ideology because if they did i think they would be even more dangerous if their ideology was at least somewhat coherent but coherent with i mean their ideology is coherent with incoherency if that makes any sense it’s coherent destruction it’s just their ideology is not based off a set of a set of principles or a set of uh their ideology their ideology is based strictly on what benefits me right now at this time they want to remove the electoral college to help their side why because that benefits them at this particular time but if it was the other way around they’ll be praising the electoral college when it comes to internet censorship that helps them specifically so they’re not gonna they can do whatever they want meanwhile they’re the ones that want big government they want big government put the foot down on every single thing except if it’s something that directly benefits them meanwhile republicans are in ideological conundrums trying to figure out if this is something they should support or not support because they’re trying to figure out if it aligns with their ideology and their set of beliefs democrats on the other hand they just change it whatever whatever benefits me that’s what we’ll support so no clearing ideology uh thank you for watching likes travel applications on um if you become patreon i will call you this show is demonetized everywhere so it’s completely funded by you guys so become a patreon i will give you a call 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