174. Antifa ATTACKS Trump Supporter

Beverly Hills Trump Rally gets VIOLENT when Antifa/BLM Shows up | Biden Cancels Texas Rallies due to No Attendance | Trump Takes the Lead in Arizona! | Biden Supporter RAMS car into Trump Supporter

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biden supporter rams into a trump car on the highway joe biden cancels all of his texas events trump takes the lead in arizona and an attack by anti-fun black lives matter on trump supporters in beverly hills we’re gonna get into all this and more so at the beverly hills trump rally antifa and blm showed up and as you can see the video on the screen they assaulted a dude who was just trying to wave his flag they’re hitting him with poles and bats everything antifa showed up i was there i witnessed all this happen actually i just missed this part but i witnessed most of this stuff happened antifa and black lives matter are terrorist organizations they must need to be treated as such they show up to peaceful protest massive probably over well over a thousand trump supporters showed up i was there this is the video i recorded this was at the beginning of it and towards the end i was going down like two miles into beverly hills the residential areas and i still saw trump supporters parking their cars and still walking massive probably one of the biggest the biggest probably the biggest uh los angeles trump rally republican rally ever um now this is an interview that i did with kit cunningham um about what specifically happened when anti-fun blm showed up so we’ll let him talk so be a lamb and tifa they showed up they’re flyers uh we’re all over social media saying that they’re going to come to beverly hills uh earlier than what we do we usually go to two they want to come out one uh meet up at one in march at 1 30 earlier real quick guys can drop this video a like and subscribe i post every single day thank you possibly maybe take our uh series when it did happen we noticed that it came everybody’s uh uh obviously went to go see what was going on but it makes what happened one of the uh trump supporters were actually attacked by blm when they were walking through blm to come to our trump side and that is that is the reason why they came early is to intercept and to be in front of they came up start trouble yeah start trying they came together and so after that happened they declared an unlawful assembly uh now we’re here doing damage control just to keep the crowd off because if we step on the street uh if we don’t listen to their orders we’ll be considered uh and we don’t want to show that we want to show the last rally before the election that we are the peaceful side that’s what we’re out here doing see there we go republicans trump supporters we’re trying to keep the peace uh i recorded one other video so at the trump rally in beverly hills today the police had to show up because black lives matter and antifa showed up trying to fight some of these beautiful beautiful trump supporters we got a guy dressed up as a pharaoh saying let my people go latinos for trump sweat the trump so yeah i want you guys to complete your thoughts clearly it is it is beyond obvious that the trump side is the part is the the side of peace the party of peace whatever and the democrats are just the destructive hateful organization they need to be treated as the destructible organization that they are all of beverly hills all of hollywood all of los angeles is boarding up all of their windows boarding up all their businesses boarding up all their homes why because rain or shine auntie foot’s coming to loot anthony’s coming to destroy your city near a city near you be prepared be ready be ready to arm yourself be it be ready to defend yourself stock up on essentials because they’re going to keep [ __ ] on lockdown for a long time because these are these are man chill men children with mental disorders giant man childs a pro-biden suv rams his car into a trump supporting car and the mainstream media is blaming the trump car now we can get into this full clip and we’re going to break it down in one second if you can please drop this video like helps out in the algorithm also subscribe now as you can see in the video there’s trump supporters in their in their trucks trolling a biden harris bus and they’re just trolling it they’re all around it with the trump flags amazing troll this shows the amazing energy from the trump base and apparently this white suv is with the biden harris bus and they didn’t obviously don’t like the fact that they’re getting trolled it’s a friendly troll no harm done it’s a nice friendly troll and as you can see in the video when the video starts up that white suv is already merging into the lane with the trump that where the trump truck is and they’re swerving in and out we were watching it right here this they’re merging into that lane and i guess the trump supporting car didn’t want to get hit so he pretty much pushed back like get away from me you’re gonna start an accident uh but i mean this is what’s expected from the left they they see red they see red i mean it’s it’s a mental disability these people see right and then they just ended up peeling off and i think they tried to get around into the front but listen this is what happens when your your campaign has no energy when you have trump supporters trolling controlling your presidential campaign look what they have hope over fee truth over lives unity over division hope over fear meanwhile they’re just that is a destructive organization but obviously the mainstream media the leftists uh the twitter trolls the twitter bots uh the k-pop stands on twitter obviously they’re gonna bring blame the trump supporter and even if they do believe that the white suv was trying to ram a trump supporter off the road these people are going to be fully justifying it blaming the trump supporters saying well you shouldn’t be there in the first place well mother f is well you shouldn’t be trying to ram us off the road yeah but you shouldn’t be there you’re you’re a racist blah blah all these things name calling and then they justify their actions that’s what we’re gonna see they’re gonna they’re one gonna deny once they cannot deny anymore then they’re gonna justify their actions that’s how the left works if you’re a trump supporter with a hat on and you get your face punched in by an antifa member it is your fault for being a trump supporter it’s not their fault for punching you because they’re just doing what the mainstream media have brainwashed and conditioned them to do that that this is the noun they constantly move the goal post to suit whatever their agenda is first they deny then they accept then they blame you so the biden team cancels all their texas events after highway ambushed by mega cavalry now this is obviously a headline by the daily beast so they’re making it seem like it was an ambush no it was a troll it was just a bunch of mega cars surrounding the biden harris uh bus as they were driving to their next location so we’re gonna go into the real reason why they canceled all their texas events but real quick if you guys can drop this video like and subscribe i post every single day so dozens of of pickup trucks with many trump flags surrounded the biden campaign bus as it traveled from san antonio to austin now the joe biden presidential campaign cancelled a friday event in austin texas after harassment from a pro-trump contingent texas has emerged as a battleground in tuesday presidential election with polls showing that typically republican stronghold now only marginally favors president donald trump the binding campaign scheduled a friday event in the state in a bid to dump the last minutes support but when the biden campaign drove a bus to austin it was greeted by a blockade of pro-trump demonstrators leading to what one texas house representative described as an escalation well beyond safe limits yeah i mean just driving on a road next to a bus look at that it’s where trolling you and i know i know you democrats out there in my last video or just are just complaining oh that’s an unsafe troll blah blah blah okay yeah driving on a freaking road you’re the ones trying to ram us off the road um the real reason why they canceled their rally in all their rallies in texas is because nobody shows up to them more trump supporters show up to the look these trump supporters many of whom were armed surrounded the bus in the interstate notice that they put armed oh armed people surrounded us like we were like trump supporters were going to hijack or just start shooting up the bus no no it’s second amendment rights there’s no intention to gun you guys down at all that nowhere is that happening these trump supporters many of whom were armed i don’t know how you can tell someone’s armed from out you know being out when they’re inside a car stranded the bus unless they’re showing the gun out the window on the bus on the interstate and attempt to drive it off the road he alleged they outnumbered police 50-1 they ended up hitting a staffer’s car no the staffer had ended up hidden their car into the trump supporter and all the footage shows this is a traffic violation and attempted homicide why hasn’t anyone been arrested let’s see what this video is um let’s watch it i mean it okay it’s just people driving on a road let me see now this car yeah it’s just people driving on the road and then this was the staffer car i showed you this in my last video the stanford car was trying to merge into this lane where that other car was and you can kind of see over there they’re kind of in the middle um let’s see uh but yeah that was happening that they’re they’re making a bigger deal out of this than it is i mean that’s that’s at the end of the day that’s a small little incident even though it was their fault it’s it’s still kind of small at the end of the day it’s not something that would warrant you canceling your entire tour in texas the reason why they’re cancelling it is because they want they don’t want people to know they don’t want you to know they don’t want you to see that they don’t have any support in texas nobody in texas wants to vote for them the more trump supporters are showing up to the biden rallies then biden supporters are showing up and they want to keep this illusion going the illusion that the democrats could possibly win texas the democrat texas is turning blue i mean it might it might be edging a little bit more that way i’m not going to deny that but i mean there the democrats mentality is fake it until you make it just like all the fake people that live in los angeles they fake it until they make it where they they do polling data to reflect what they want us to believe not to reflect the actual opinion of of uh what what is being polled they do what they do to manipulate people the people who are watching this the people who are voting they want them to manipulate people into what the popular opinion is they want people to be manipulated to think the democrats are the popular opinion when they’re not and that’s the real reason why they cancel their their rallies because no one’s going to show up and when no one shows up it doesn’t look like a battleground state anymore when no one shows up it looks like well the state’s going trump all the way they don’t want to have that they can’t have it so big news it looks like trump is taking the lead in arizona this is from real clear politics as you can see back in september there was a big big gap where trump was at 43 biden was at 49 and now trump is at 47. biden is at 46. now before we get into more of this please drop this video like helps out in the algorithm also become a subscriber and turn the post notifications on i post a bunch of times a day now obviously we know the polls are heavily skewed left so that this means that trump is leading even more the rasmussen poll has him as pl at plus four which honestly i think they’ve been pretty accurate this other poll has met plus three uh uh rutgers has him at uh biden at plus two this other one has biden at plus three and this other one has trump at plus once i guess it averages out to uh trump being ahead now this is very important because as trump and nears these final days in the lead up to the election he’s just on an utter blitz having rallies mobilizing his base and that’s what’s going to get a huge voter turnout and that’s what’s going to heavily decide the election that massive turnout that he’s banking on and that he’s working for he’s actually working for it he’s making an effort to have a massive turnout energizing the base biden zero energy i guarantee you about probably eighty percent or sixty percent of all biden votes are already in through mail-in voting now let’s see if um any of these other polls uh in the swing states really quickly in the top battleground um yeah literally only has arizona for uh trump out of out of all these polls michigan is biden plus six wisconsin biden plus six north carolina biden plus one florida they have florida about him plus one now the reason why these polls are so off is because when a republican gets a call from a pollster what do we do we hang up we’re not going to answer that call they’re i don’t know who these people are polling but their polling data is ridiculously skewed to the left and the democrats that are analyzing this data don’t realize it and they’re in they obviously they made the same mistake that they did in the last election that the data is god but they don’t have incomplete data they have skewed data and it’s either they’re lying to themselves to create this false narrative that biden is actually up big time binder is literally the worst presidential candidate in history the worst nominated presidential candidate in a main party in history at least to recent history or history within the foreseeable modern age the worst i i’ve never in my life i haven’t seen that many presidential elections in my life but never in my life have i seen no rallies no support nobody’s showing up to support him nobody excited to vote for him they’re trying to win this presidential election based on hatred for trump but somehow they’re the party of love remember their slogan love trumps hate now this is the democrat party is the party of hate anyway guys thank you for watching please like subscribe locations on new video every single day if you do support me become a patreon i will call you to thank you if you bring my patreon because this show is completely demonetized everywhere thank you for watching peace out


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