175. Biden is Losing PA!

Lady Gaga ROASTED for Endorsing Biden in PA | Lockdown Supporting Leftists PARTY on Halloween…. | Best Political Halloween Costumes! 

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lady gaga goes full lib tarpon doors in biden we go through some of the best political halloween costumes and white liberals go out partying while promoting lockdowns we’re getting into all this and more so lady gaga is going full libtard endorsing biden telling everyone to vote for biden we’re gonna go through the video of her doing so we’re gonna break it down in just one second if you can please drop this video like helps out in the algorithm also become a subscriber and i post every single day so let’s let’s see what she said hey this is lady gaga i’m voting for america which means i’m voting real quick she says i’m voting i’m voting for america i’m chilling i’m hanging back on my car i’m voting for america listen your left your side the left one no not one american flag in this video two your side is anti-american three your side biden completely owned by china we we know that by now but you know you’re the one voting for america what is your idea of america you’re voting for the destruction of america true americans if you see an american flag on somebody’s lawn in front in somebody’s house is a 99.9 chance that they’re voting for trump why because they actually like america which means i’m voting for joe biden and if you live in minnesota pennsylvania georgia michigan florida or arizona i encourage you to vote and if you have a friend that lives there tell them to vote i’m gonna be in one of these basically she’s just trying to tell people just indoctrinate them hey hey hey my friend in florida lady gaga says to vote for biden please you need to go volvo run why why because lady gaga says so listen i’m gonna i’m gonna specifically call up my friends and tell them to vote for trump because lady gaga wants them to vote for biden these states tomorrow guess which one i’ll be in hence i used to live there i don’t even care i don’t even care enough to look up where she used to live to see what state she’s going to be in

okay cheers one littering okay your side is the freaking party of ending climate change stop littering 2020 election and then she i think she starts having meltdowns in her feed so let’s go through her feed right now this is a picture of me in pennsylvania when i lived in lancaster okay so she was gonna be she’s gonna be in pennsylvania so that she they’re probably gonna be doing a big push to make sure biden keeps pennsylvania because trump is blown through that state right now i love the state i’m here now this place is filled with good-hearted people good-hearted people that joe biden loves he’s a good friend he’s a president this country needs to bring us back together how the only the only thing that would ever bring us back together is if the left just stops going crazy trump is not dividing people trump tried to bring people together you people just reject it because you’re so delusional and mentally unstable i’m excited to be back in pennsylvania pittsburgh where i used to fly into and visit my grandma see you tomorrow at joe’s rally we need every vote pa make a plan this election depends on you that’s the only way they can get people to show up as if lady lady gugu shows up where trump he just shows up comes in on his helicopter comes in on air force one tens of thousands of people show up the you you need lady gaga to show up you got a bunch of kids there um and then tim mori replied back i guess nothing exposes biden’s disdain for the forgotten uh working american and pa like campaigning with anti-fracking activist lady gaga this desperate effort to drum up enthusiasm is actually a sharp tick in the eye of six hundred thousand pennsylvanians who work in the fracking industry now the campaign uh made a statement um on uh bonning campaign when anti-fracking activist lady gaga and it’s just ironic because it’s always the millionaires the multi-multi-millionaires telling 600 000 everyday americans pennsylvanians that um you know you can’t work now because of uh anti-fracking so that was pretty much the trump campaign statement and then lady gaga replied back saying um with a screenshot from her instagram hey donald hashtag winning also what is a fracking keep your jobs pa we love you so i don’t know maybe they’re they’re flipping just you know they’re gonna pretend to be anti-fracking just get those votes and then blink up they’re gonna ban fracking hey tim at real donald trump so happy i’m glad to be living rent free in your head hashtag biden harris what kind of response and delusional response is that these these people i think it’s too much drugs lady gaga she thinks she’s a rock star but she stole her whole entire act from madonna her music’s all just pop junk and crap that’s just created in the studio at the end of the day i mean hey you should you’re successful at the other day yeah but i mean you were pretty much selected and stole your whole act from somebody else and then the record companies and you sold your soil the devil so how much credit can you give somebody for selling their soul to the devil but i mean who who says that oh haha i’m living rent-free in your head no we’re we’re making a political criticism of you because you’re getting involved in this political climate you’re you’re going to a biden rally in pennsylvania to get people to show up when you’re anti-fracking in a place that relies on fracking for industry oh and your response instead of saying instead of having a nice response even if you’re pro fracking or anti-fracking whatever instead of saying this is why i’m xyz and this is why it’s good instead of that you’re just i’m just living right free in your head what you’re you’re getting yourself involved in this political discussion be ready to be to be asked and to be attacked into the political discussion don’t say i’m living rent-free these people are delusionally they these people have been coddled for the last lady gaga probably what the last two decades she’s been coddled and and treated and worshipped as yas queen these people they they’re they’re freaking delusional they lose their minds because their their whole world world view is a complete warped view of reality they’re so out of touch with everyday americans and everyday people i just want to call out all of the lockdown supporting democrats that will be on twitter saying trump’s responsible for killing xyz because the covet 19 responds saying that we need to shut the entire economy down but meanwhile they’re out partying in mansions partying on hollywood boulevard partying at their local bars and pubs listen you cannot i better not see you partying on halloween and then go the very three days later four days later and vote for the lockdown democrats while bashing trump for wanting to open up the economy the democrats are ideologically inconsistent and i noticed this i went to a party at dan bilzerian’s old mansion before he went bankrupt it’s a 100 million dollar mansion i went there surprisingly probably half the party was secret republicans the other half was orange man bad orange man killed people from coven meanwhile they’re at the damn party with no mask not socially distancing hooking up with dudes touching this touching that whatever becoming super spreaders and you know hey you want to do that you go go ahead and do that i don’t care but but don’t turn around to me and pretty much contradict everything that you’re doing

so please never consider voting blue if you hold that belief and you’re not going to even live up to what you’re preaching oh my god trump needs to shut the whole country down to stop the spread literally that’s a quote from a liberal who’s out partying with no mask and zero social distancing did you party i pardoned i pardoned the day before halloween the day of halloween but guess what you guys know me you watch my show i’m anti-lockdown i’m anti-hiding in your house

so me going out and partying is not a big deal but if you’re a pro lock down pro staying in your house ripping on every state ripping on florida for opening up ripping on texas for opening up praising new york for their lock their indefinite lock indefinite lockdowns praising cuomo for shipping old people into nursing homes if you’re praising that and then you’re out partying you’re the biggest hypocrite but guess what this is it makes sense coming from the democrats because the democrats don’t hold any coherent ideology these liberals these socialists they don’t have any ideology at the end of the day the the number one on their ideology is what is good for me right now at this time that is their ideology number two it’s what they preach so um number one is what’s good for me right now number two is lockdown america so when they’re at home on twitter with nothing to do because they have no life and they don’t want to go to work i guess their number one priority would be stay inside stay on lockdown because that benefits them right now so they’ll have they’ll stay with the number two but as soon as there’s an opportunity to go outside and have party then it changes they’re they’re they have shifting ideologies because it’s at the end of the day it’s all about them all about what’s going to benefit them at that exact moment so we’re going to be going through the best political halloween costumes of this year now before we get into it please drop this video a like subscribe the occasions on new video every single day so this is uh ken and karen this is a black couple they dressed up as ken and karen he looks like they nailed it pretty spot on they even did the photo shoot uh the same exact way that their photos were done uh this guy is uh lori lightfoot this is scary this is actually creepy um this is actually a horrifying costume uh i would never even think that this was an actual real mayor and that it actually looks so spot-on this is a horror costume of glory life but this is um a kid with joe biden uh pretty much i guess sniffing her hair and grabbing on uh quit sniffing me you twit and it’s a a five-year-old kid or a four-year-old kid with joe biden like grabbing her i mean that that’s pretty spot on i mean yes we got a quick glance you’ll think that’s actually happening um these two people are another ken and karen um i mean i feel like that was one of the big top uh halloween costume picks of the year um this kid was laurie like he’s adorable i don’t know this photo looks like it could be really old the way it but it’s it it matches perfectly adorable spot on um and this i guess laura lightful was a big one this is this guy i mean he kind of hits it pretty too and he’s like asian you just got to make yourself look like you’re you’re dying and you’re a ghost and you can anyone could be laura lightfoot um these people they were chuck schumer and pelosi when they were kneeling with the with the african uh scarfs on this is what they said all right we can pick it up this schumer halloween costume wins uh neoliberal gay friend on ig um this guy happy halloween hunter bite and i just think he just took a photo but it’s a photo hunter body with a cigarette and he’s just pretty much making it exact and then the last one that i have over here is another hunter biden one who does hunter for halloween better me or hunter and he’s just pretty much wearing exactly what hunter was wearing in that photo um where he’s taking it but it was like with a shirt off taking a photo in the mirror and i guess that’s what he was dressed up as that night me personally i wish i ended up dressing up um as hunter biden i would have walked around with a laptop on a you know a pipe and uh a cigarette hanging out of my mouth i think that would have been the perfect halloween costume but come blow if you saw anything awesome send it to me if you saw anything awesome comment below what you were dressed up as thank you for watching likes john locations on every single day if you support my show become patreon i will give you a call to say thanks peace out


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