AOC/Ethan Klein OUTRAGED over Trump Parade! | CNN is Boarding up Buildings! | Grandma Makes EPIC Election Prediction! | PATHETIC Lady Gaga Performance at Biden Rally in PA | Celebrities will have ARMED Security for Election Day Riots!

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cnn boards up their buildings celebrities get armed security to protect from rioters aoc is outraged at the trump parade and my grandma makes her election night prediction we’re getting into all this and more so big shot celebrities will have armed guards at their new york city apartments for election day of course they will why wouldn’t they they want to strip us from our gun rights but meanwhile they’re going to have armed security to protect from the democrat riots that they help fuel wealthy celebrities living in in at least one of new york city’s swankiest apartment buildings will be protected by armed security guards during any civil unrest that may arise on november third election page six exclusively reports that london terrors lowers in the new york city’s chelsea neighborhood which is housed debbie harry pete davidson

i’m laughing because i used to be best friends with pete davidson i grew up with him and then he went all hillary clinton tattoo and i was i was you know the problem because i supported trump and i was all these bad things these bad words that i can’t say but oh man okay i just thought it was fun tim gunn among others recently sent an email to residents informing them that extra security would be hired for potential unrest as you are aware the government enforcement agencies across the country are making plans to control the possible civil unrest following the upcoming presidential election the email reads according to the page six regardless of the outcome on tuesday election our concerns range from isolated violent incidences to a long stretch of massive protesters uh confrontations between extremists and potential property damage i mean the only extremists on those roads will be antifa and it’s so ironic because this is the climate the left the democrats the mainstream media has created they created this climate and now they they want to take your guns away and have their own guns to protect themselves from the climate that they have created because guess what that climate that mob is coming straight for them they created that mob and that mob is going to come straight for them that’s how it is these people are irrational uh four bedroom apartment the building costs around 7.5 million while a 2 bedroom is available for rent around 7 800 a month the outlet reports other celebrities who either currently live or have lived in the apartment complex include chelsea clinton malcolm gladwell bill hader uh annie i don’t i don’t even know these names leibowitz i don’t even know uh podcaster robert shutter and has a great grammy uh winning husband bruce sussman who cares about these people i can’t wait for hollywood to go under i can’t wait for them to go bankrupt that’s why they’re selling out to china but this is just another part of the liberal hypocrisy and if you are watching this and you’re on the fence and you don’t know if you’re liberal or leftist or republican or not look no further than the hypocrisy from the left and that should be that should make your choice so incredibly easy so up on screen i have footage of lady gaga performing at joe biden’s rally in pennsylvania and it is embarrassing a small dwindling embarrassingly small crowd it’s all black and dark and disgusting now we’re gonna get into what this all means one second if you can please drop this video a quick like and subscribe it helps out in the algorithm also if you can just share the video also it’s free so yeah lady gaga is trying her best the hollywood establishment is trying so hard to help biden get pennsylvania because trump is campaigning pretty hard there and it seems like trump might actually win that state but look at this little crowd i want to compare this crowd to the trump crowd because the democrats i don’t i don’t get it it’s one day they’re saying vote come on validating kamala to save america then the next day they hate america but this is a small unenthusiastic crowd they’re all all black it looks like antifa is there there’s only two people wearing red versus let’s see trump rally pa let’s see how big his rallying pa is and we’re talking massive beautiful colored crowds look at this like trump is a showman trump knows how to put on an event and at least to my knowledge there was no lady gugu appearance there was no big celebrity appearance you don’t even need the big celebrity pins you don’t need to turn this into a concert trump is the concert making america great again is the concert is what people are there to support but then you’ve got this lady gugu event and it’s small and embarrassing pathetic it’s dwindling the power of hollywood is dwindling the sign-in interpreter had more motion than the entire audience combined any more noise and they’ll just be uh a funeral break out there’s like four and a half people there and they’re still not socially distancing that is true there’s you want to talk about those super spreaders look no further than this lady google appearance uh joe biden’s rally may have lower attendance than wnba games oh my gosh the audience wrote this in this event instead they get super small small buzz ah the enthusiasm is so off the charts even the cameraman couldn’t pick it up clowns um it’s like one of those awkward talent shows uh completely roasted i’m so glad the power of hollywood is dwindling to minuscule numbers and the only people that still listen to them are mentally brainwashed and there’s no hope for those people anymore because guess what every day somebody else in america has taken the red pill nobody’s taking the bloop if you’re taking the blue pill then you there you must be drinking too much fluoride or something because i’ve never heard of anyone ever taking the blue pill in my entire life people are only waking up trump’s gonna win in a massive landslide i’m praying i hope you’re all praying too right now democrats are going all in on the narrative that us trump supporters are now the terrorists aoc is going off even even ethan klein is going off and i have something to say and i’m gonna go through what they said i’m gonna debunk everything that they said in just one second but before we can please drop this video like subscribe for new videos every single day now listen rioting and looting has been going on for months because orange man is bad and the democrats have been saying this is democracy but as soon as trump supporters troll biden by driving next to his bus with flags they respond that these people are terrorists i mean just look at ethan’s response i can only pray that america does not want a president that openly encourages violence and intimidation on fellow citizens and this is trump saying i love texas because a bunch of trump supporters were driving around a biden bus as they have a trump flag on so i mean it’s good old-fashioned trolling they’re not hurting anyone they’re not harming anyone they’re just driving by a biden bus escorting it into town with trump flags that is one hilarious to an awesome troll three i mean it shows patriotic enthusiasm for your own side nobody got hurt it is harmless and the media is running that as armed scary armed trump supporters try to ram us off the road meanwhile it was it only got dangerous because of biden one of the biden staffers got pissed off and tried to ram one of the trump cars off the road that’s the only one the only way it got violent was because of them this was good old-fashioned trolling and somebody said to me you wouldn’t be saying this if this was anti-fun blm doing this to a trump bus and i replied saying you’re right i wouldn’t be saying this because if it was them they would be hitting the trump car with bats throwing molotov cocktails at the trump car trying to ram the trump car off i mean trump bus off the road there would be destruction they would shut down the streets they would light the streets on fire if it was the democrats side but when it’s the republican side it’s just a good old-fashioned troll we’re gonna have a little bit of fun and then we’re gonna leave no one’s gonna get hurt no one’s gonna get harmed but if it was the left doing this it would be destruction the bus would be over on the side of the road in flames if it was the left that is the difference okay let’s see what some idiots say in the comment it’s funny how conservatives resort to but people loot and destroy businesses like the people doing that are the people front lining protests and not random people looking to make a few bucks while trump can let a quarter million americans die for a few bucks to the economy and it’s accepted these people oh my god i don’t even want to get into these people are just so brainwashed and drained from reality on how important the economy is because if you want to shut the economy down i don’t even want to get into that you want to shut the economy down you’re going to expect more debts okay it’s it’s not about precious money it’s about keeping the whole world rolling still now this is what aoc said i took the throngs neck uh heard there was a pile up of a bunch of chumps on white on the white stone i mean i mean you’re pretty much just begging us to go out and vote vote you democrats out so there’s a bunch of uh i think this is new york city a bunch of trump supporters um i guess closed down the road i don’t know the full story to how this road ended up getting closed down i think it might have been just a big trump parade and then it ended up just causing so much traffic people ended up stopping it’s not in the trump supporter and the republican nature to just go and shut roads down it might have been just such a big parade it ended up getting the road shut down which is a big difference because the democrats go out there and their their purpose is we’re gonna shut this road down because we want to cause chaos and confusion whereas republicans are like okay um trump’s not in town but the election is coming up let’s just all get in our cars and let’s just all drive around together like a big parade and have fun and that happens and then it leads to a lot of traffic because that’s just what’s going to happen especially in new york city the way the mayor plant is working those roads now let’s see what some of the comments are saying because it’s just it’s just totally ironic and i think the comment section different from what i was looking for before but radical hate white supremacy uh was damaged the soul of every person in the nation forever both let me read i have one of them i actually had to screenshot it on this phone because i’m still able to to browse around uh twitter but i cannot engage on anything because i am banned on twitter

ah blessing they were saying something like you heard me read it i found it why are the trump supporters always so violent and destructive uh where is law enforcement they’re doing uh they’ve been doing this today all over our country it doesn’t make them look good how sad that trump has caused too many to go to their lowest common denominator so trump’s trump supporters we have car parades and that’s taking it too far remo democrats you burn city down burn cities down and that’s not a problem we’re but we’re there’s destructive ones you people are boarding up your businesses but we’re the destructive ones because we have a parade if these a-holes were affecting me i’ll be slashing tires bashing fenders and breaking some taillights stopping me from going to work because they want to circle jerk their cult okay first off one um i believe you okay i believe that you would do that because your side is a bunch of lunatics and that’s what you guys do you just you’ll get your ass beat i mean go ahead go do it you’ll go gay ass beat but that’s the difference between the left and the right oh you’re having a trump parade i’m gonna bash your taillights in okay aunt defa i mean you’re just you’re admitting like it literally goes from trump supporters are the most destructive and then the comment underneath it is a trump hater uh saying they want to be destructive um chumps are you sure that’s how you want to influence your friends okay then now just people going off on aoc don’t worry you’ll have some breadlines one day for your socialism all right so let me know what you think comment below um i had to do a little bit of call outs but uh oh oh sorry sorry real quick real quick ethan did make another tweet and this was funny i saw this it was a um a trump car like this for halloween um running over an anti-fun member it’s just like he hit him and he’s driving away with his car and and ethan goes super normal sane people it’s it’s funny it’s funny antifa is known for blocking the road anti-fuzz is literally a terrorist organization you’re running over a terrorist it’s it’s funny you know the anthony they do this they jump in front of your car if you try to if you’re trying to get to work antifa will jump in front of your car try to slash it to destroy your car that’s what antifa will do and this is just making a joke on based on what they do they would jump in front of your car if you’re a trump supporter i’m just going to see what some of the comments say i love how many idiots rush in to defend or throw out some quick what about us and rather than accepting that this behavior is insane regardless of the political spectrum it comes from this is not insane what’s insane is the fact that this is a joke that’s the insane part is the fact that this is a joke because this is like this is pretty much reality that’s going on it has nothing to do with the trump side this is just the reality of what’s going on from antifa i’m serious curious on how it’s insane like i’m not trying to be a jerk i’m just generally worrying it’s an it’s a little extra and pointless to do what they’re doing but insane is a big word for meaning which is what it seems to be for me which which is true it’s a meme it doesn’t take a genius to see that striking resemblance between antifa and the kkk both organizations terrorized voters in particular ways and even gained support from specific politicians and even went so far to lynch in the opposition i mean it’s 100 true more normal people than these people ethan and it’s basically and some i mean people roast ethan they’re roast nathan which is good i mean

if he wants have me back on his show we can go through everything but i mean he was supposed to have me on a couple times and it just never went through but so cnn is boarding up their buildings and we’re going to show you footage of it right now real quick if you guys can please drop this video like subscribe turn the positions on new video every single day so now check out this video that i made it’s funny how even cnn has boarded up their building they’re not boarding up to protect from trump supporters they’re boarding up to protect from their own viewers i’ve slapped a trump sticker on there let cnn know what’s up so right now businesses all over the country even companies like cnn are boarding up why to protect from the incoming democrat supported democrat um created riots blm antifa and other democrat groups are ready to burn cities down no matter how this election goes whether trump wins or lose they’re going to burn cities down especially if trump wins now we know we now that this what we’re experiencing now is something solely created by the left by the left institutions by the mainstream media by the left on social media they’re the ones that have created this division and that have led to this civil unrest that we’re dealing with but just like what the democrats do just like what the left does is they create problems just to blame them on the other side it’s not this is not trump’s fault they’re blaming this oh since when do we have to board up uh on election night ah this is a product of trump no this is not a product of the trump this is a product of your trump derangement syndrome this is the product of the division that you have been promoting for the last half a decade this is a product of all that you are to blame trump did nothing to divide this country it was all the reaction to trump it was the reaction of the deep state falling out of powers the reaction of the cable news companies ratings dropping to all-time lows so they need to create division to try to get people watching and people talking it’s a product of the left is it not a product of the right all we want to do is go to work live our lives have a family and just do us and not be bothered that is all we want to do what do you guys want to do you guys just want to instill your will instill your socialism instill your communism your marxism you want to instill your will on other people that is why you’re writing it’s not trump’s fault while you’re writing you’re reacting to someone who’s trying to give us our freedoms back because because he wants to give us our freedoms back you want to take him away so how you do how do you how do you let this respond you respond by burning cities down how does that help your cause it doesn’t you just want to be destructive because you can’t you need to have your way you are mentally ill it’s a mental disorder if you’re a left-wing supporting rioter you’re mentally ill if you’re blaming trump you’re mentally ill there’s just something that doesn’t click in your brains when you can’t realize it is your side that is doing the destruction it’s not us we want to be left alone we just want to live in peace it is you people that are destroying look i have i have a brand i have a merch company called cancelled merch lincoln bio.com why do i have a go why do i have a company called canceled why do i have merch called canceled because canceled culture is so prominent and then and we need to start to embrace cancel culture now because everybody’s being canceled for everything all the time so i’m trying to lower the meaning of the word canceled because that’s all you people do is just seek out to constantly destroy people’s lives we’re all canceled we’re all getting cancelled i got canceled a million times i’m sure people watching this have been canceled a million times so rep it rep it be proud of it that we’re getting canceled by the left all the time you people just let us live just leave us alone just let us be this is why we’re showing up to vote for trump in in probably record numbers why because we want to be left alone just leave us alone go back to your cave take this kid’s twitter away just go to your cave let your parents feed you and leave us alone so this is my grandma the best grandma’s election predictions and before i play it drop this video like subscribe new video every single day and also let me know if you want some see more of my grandma let’s play it cheers get your champagne put it on ice because we gonna celebrate mr donald trump’s gonna do another four years thank you god and you know mr biden oh big guy and harris do me a favor get your name straight and the sweetest of all sweethearts pelosi the [ _ ] you better start getting ready get yourself down that basement and you better start crying for the next four years because you guys are done you tried your best you stooped as low as anybody could go the impeachment the fake news the russian [ _ ] the cover-up for the big guy oh yes we can’t forget that the plots against this president for the last four years you tried everything what else is up your sleeve there’s only a few more days left i’m sure you must have something up your sleeve it doesn’t matter he’s winning you’re the loser you’re the thugs remember that you know why you know why he’s winning because he has our back you don’t you guys all you want is socialism so you can control us control our business control our homes take over our life well you know what trump has got our back on that one not you so i say here’s to you donald trump president for the next four years and down the basement for all you radical lefts amen

i love how she clicks the button at the end but that’s my grandma the best grandma do you agree with her election prediction i i i agree with her obvious obviously but um let’s let’s uh let’s hope trump pulls through that’s what we pull through for trump that’s what i’m that’s what i really mean anyway guys thanks for watching like subscribes and investigations on new video every single day do not miss out don’t forget to subscribe and like thanks for watching peace out


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