Michigan Software Glitch Gives Biden VOTES?

Michigan Software Glitch Gives Biden VOTES?

Do you believe it was Human Error or on Purpose?

Voting software used in MI county with skewed results also used in Mid-Michigan, Allegedly.



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voting software used in michigan county with skewed results also used in mid michigan now it is possible that it was a voting software glitch that led to more votes going to biden than trump we’re gonna get into all this in just one second if you can please drop this video like subscribe turn the post notifications on and share this video with your friends now let’s get into it so basically let’s see uh the entire michigan county has flipped back to his historic republican roots after manual recounts of the votes official with the counties posted updated results showing president trump won the county with 9783 votes making up 56 percent of the ballot count joe biden earned 7.2 000 votes or 42 percent the county initially went blue and and showed a win for biden before the era was discovered the county officials have blamed the county’s election software saying totals counted did not match the tabular tapes six news has learned that the domination voting machine is used in antrim county the system is also used in 64 other counties according to the state including england uh jackson and shawaski families names locally a local spokesperson a spokesperson for the michigan secretary of state jolene benson tells 6 news the skewed results were a result of county user error not a software issue and there is no reason to believe similar errors with ballots counts happened anywhere else listen it’s a user error so it wasn’t the software the software wasn’t programmed it was a user error somebody did something to result in a skewed count in favor of biden was this intentional was this not intentional and to say that there’s no reason to believe similar errors with this count happened is is an understatement because it’s human error if if this person’s in cahoots with that person that’s in cahoots with that person they could all be doing the same thing and you wouldn’t even know it so you so if there’s a human error if you’re looking at it you’re saying wow human errors have taken place and it’s easy for human errors to take place and we’re not going to check up on anything else there’s no other human errors listen you’ve got to check up on it now now you know that there’s a problem you see you saw the problem according to tracy wimmer the issue would also have been identified during the certification of results by county canvassers if it had not already come to light england county clerk barb broome tells sixx that she also believes hume error is likely to blame for the error in the county and while the other counties use the domination system uh she doesn’t have any concerns about accuracy broom says multiple tests are done in the other counties level okay whatever let me know what you guys think and also white house press secretary exposed a lot of what’s going on in michigan so let’s read it off in michigan serious questions must be answered and concrete irregularities if not outright fraud in rochester hill 2 000 votes were incorrectly double counted for the democrats election workers were biting shirts and clapped as gop poll workers were removed a partisan wish non-partisan whistleblower received ballots with no dates and was instructed to add pre-election dates and count ballots in wayne county poll workers blocked windows denied legal right to monitor hundreds of reports of poll watchers being intimidated many dozens of rejected ballots from wrong precincts were redone to be counted spoiled ballots successfully changed were then counted ballots jammed in tabulation machines were re-run we must investigate and we do must investigate if these claims are true which they may it may it might be all in our head these claims could be all in our head they could be completely false it could be just coincidental it could be just um just i mean honestly let’s think about it if the left is going to be tally and stuff they’re not the brightest people they’re not the brightest people so we might be seeing what they’re doing and they probably are being honest for all we know for all we know they could be being honest but they’re just doing stupid things because they’re stupid people it is entirely possible but that does not change the fact that we need to investigate that there’s too much stuff going on that just doesn’t seem right that way there’s something has to be going on you got this that that that the other thing who knows maybe this that that and that thing could be just coincidental or just they’re being stupid but then you still got all these other things over here that there could be credible we need to investigate regardless and it’s crazy because the left does not want us to investigate why don’t they want us to investigate when they were investigating trump for four years about the russia scandal honestly i can’t remember us ever saying no no don’t investigate trump don’t investigate trump i don’t think we’ve ever said that before please please don’t investigate trump me personally let them investigate trump they’re not going to find anything it’s a hoax we knew it was a hoax so we never fought against them in investigating him obviously we fought against the illegal wiretaps we’re fighting against the illegalities of what they want to do at the end of the day you guys investigated you found nothing just like we expected but the democrats why won’t they let us investigate these voter fraud claims what are they afraid of what are they afraid that we’re gonna find if investigated now we need to know trump cannot win this fight without us we we are all fighting this together we’re all fighting this for america i’m doing my part by getting the word out to you guys i’m hoping you share the word and you help get the word out to other people as well also i hope that this word gets out the people in the counties where these problems are going on to help put pressure on those local officials to do what they need to do legally obligated to do to help the poll watchers uh keep tabs and fight against the voter front we’re all in this together we all need to work together this is it this is the fight this is what everything’s been building up for for the last four or five years this is it right now all of us mobilizing together we will do this together i’m doing my part i’m doing my part getting it out to you guys you guys do your part getting out to other people who can do things on the ground me personally i plan to make a trip to these areas i think i might be going to to nevada soon to see what’s going on and get on the ground but i need your guys help because the left has actually destroyed my life and they destroyed all my income and i’m completely funded by you guys so if you can please become a patreon and support me i’ll give you a call saying thanks become a patreon help support everything that i do helps support me get the word out to you guys and helps me get on the ground to go where i need to go to do what i got to do to get you guys the truth i plan on going undercover when the riots start and uh i had to buy a bulletproof vest they ended up costing me 500 bucks but you know i got a safety first but if you guys want to support me i will call you to thank you patreon you can go support me there in case i disappear from the internet you can also text me my number’s up on screen that’s like my mailerless thank you guys for watching peace out also merch link in bio you can check out my canceled merch


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