Trump Won More NON-WHITE Votes of Any Republican Since 1960

Did you think this was going to happen?

Trump Won Highest Share of Non-White Vote of Any Republican Since 1960, Exit Polls Show

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trump won the highest share of non-white votes in any republican since 1960 exit polls show this is exactly what i’ve been saying on my show for the last six months that trump was gonna blow out the non-white minority vote before we get into this please drop this video like subscribe to the vogue nose post notifications on and be uh yeah become patreon whatever so let’s see president trump has won the highest share of non-white votes of any republican presidential candidate since 1960 according to the preliminary results from tuesday’s election roughly one quarter of non-white vote voters cast their ballots for trump according to an edison exit poll if the poll is an accurate reflection of the final results trump will have won over more non-white voters than any republican since richard nixon who won 32 percent of the non-white voters in 1960 but lost to jfk uh trump will trump will also have improved on his performance in 2016 election where he won 21 percent of the non-white votes democrats have attacked trump as racist including uh during the obviously during these elections uh yeah we know okay i don’t have to get too much into this the the media in the left has been trying to frame trump as a racist since day one and it is clearly that narrative is failing um i we we knew that this was gonna happen he’s gonna have record high minority votes but the thing that doesn’t make sense to me right now this is another thing that also goes into the whole voter fraud scandal is the democrats need that minority vote in order to win they’ve been banking on getting that minority vote since day one they’ve been pandering to that minority vote so much and so that they’re literally burning down cities to get that minority vote how on earth did trump get a larger share of that minority vote and still lose does it not make sense it does not make sense the democrats have won every single election in recent times because of that minority vote that they so desperately

try to get actually they haven’t really won as much elections but they they bank on that because that’s the only way they can win is if they get such a large share of that minority vote they lost that minority vote how did they still win with losing the vote

begs the question it begs the question now you i i wa i wonder if it’s difficult because are they gonna go through these mail-in ballots and start to cipher through who actually filled them out who’s dead who’s not dead who who actually voted who didn’t vote and i think it’s up to us i will keep you guys updated i did see some lines in some of these key counties where you can call or you can look up online if you did vote so i urge you guys if you did vote before or if you didn’t vote or if you did vote doesn’t matter there in some counties i believe there are ways where you can go online and track your vote to see if your vote counted or to see if you voted at all because if you didn’t vote and all of a sudden your name pops up that you did vote then there’s a problem but then you could report it and that could help with the case to to help stop this voter fraud and help keep trump in office let me know what you guys think please like subscribe applications on news every single day we become a patreon that helps support the show this show is completely demonetized makes me zero sense if you become patreon i will call you to say thank you thanks for watching


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