What we can do if Biden becomes President!

What we can do if Biden becomes President!

This is the worst Case Scenario, and we are going to look at the POSSIBLE Good for the future.

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now what could we do if biden is actually going to be the president right now it seems like he he’s been declared the president by the mainstream media but obviously nothing is set in stone because there’s tons of investigations and recounts that are going to be going on but before we get into what we’re gonna do if he does please drop this video like subscribe to the post vacations now let’s look at the bright side because we’re supposedly gonna win the senate we’re supposedly gonna pick up some seats in the house so we supposedly did not lose any local seats like state senate and state house i believe i believe don’t mark my words on it and all that they won is the presidency there’s a reason why the stock market has actually been going up since all of this this election uncertainty you think that all this week we would have saw a massive crash in the stock market but we didn’t the reason why we did not see a massive crash in the stock market because i believe the market was expecting worse i believe the market was expecting a big blue wave which never actually came we kept the senate we picked up other seats into the house and then somehow we lose the presidency you know that’s more indicative of a voter fraud but we’ll we’ll see worst case scenario biden takes office worst case scenario he’s not going to be able to get jack [ __ ] done he’s just not he’s going to be he’s one he’s an incompetent person he’s just an empty vessel for the mainstream not the yeah i guess the mainstream and the deep state agenda he’s just an empty vessel that’s just there to do their bidding but luckily for us he’s an old man who doesn’t even want to be president so i would rather somebody who was completely incompetent an incompetent idiot in charge than a competent idiot i believe he’s so incompetent he’s such a mess he will never ever be able to get anything done what you need to be afraid of if there’s a socialist who knows kind of what they’re doing those are the people you need to be afraid of joe biden’s not that person kamala harris is not that person if anything they’re going to get people to turn on them even more they’re going to go up on there they’re going to have their guests they’re going to be stupid kamala harris if she ever speaks people oh my god just such unlikable people where we might be looking for them to actually red pill large portions of america because of now they’re going to be put on display so much people are just going to get so incredibly sick of them so moving forward and by the time the midterms roll around we can easily take the house we’re pissed off we are pissed off to no end if we are able to push for voter the voter id no mail-in ballots we will sweep the house we would still sweep state elections we would just completely sweep so we got that to look forward to on the midterms and then we to look forward in um in another in the next four years when we have to obviously find someone good to run and if we’re able to successfully win with the voter id laws and no mail-in ballots we can easily sweep that presidency as well and at that point we’ll have all three branches of government the democrats put themselves they they want the democrats wanted to win the battle they didn’t really focus so much on the war and that’s why their only win to come out of all of this was i guess orange man bad not in office anymore but that’s not even they didn’t even win that battle yet that battle’s still going on they’re just prematurely taking victory so worst case scenario it’s still not so bad it’s just we don’t have trump out there and the thing that i worry about is trump was taking all the fire for us from the mainstream media from the left the problems are gonna come is now they’re gonna be focusing all their attacks on people like us and we’re already seeing that going on we’re already seeing people in the mainstream media politicians i guess just political pundits starting to direct their attacks at people like us trying i mean you already destroyed my life if you want to support my patreon that’d be greatly appreciated because they literally cut my income down to zero i’m completely funded by you guys i’ll give you a call to say thanks if you’re coming here but they they’re directing their attacks now they’re gonna direct their full energy to destroy people like us people like you watching we can’t let them do that that that’s what trump’s i guess i guess one of the best things he’s done for us was he was taking the blunt of the fire now let me know what you guys think comment below like subscribe locations i’ll do it every single day if you do support me please text me my number’s up on screen in case i disappear from the internet that you’ll always have be a part of my p be a part of my mailing list thank you for watching peace out


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