Giuliani: Enough Evidence for Trump to Change PA Election Results

Giuliani: Enough Evidence for Trump to Change PA Election Results

Will Trump win Pennsylvania?

Rudy Giuliani says Trump Campaign has enough Evidence to change PA Election Results

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so rudy giuliani says the trump campaign has enough evidence to change the pennsylvania election results now before we get into this please drop this video like subscribe and tell the post notifications on new video every single day and we got to stick together so send this to your friends let’s read exactly what happened um this is from the washington examiner so who knows what kind of type of article we’re going to get right now president trump’s attorney rudy giuliani said he has evidence that may change the results of the presidential election map in a sunday interview with fox news host mariana bartorimo giuliani said the lawsuit beginning filed the trump campaign might reveal that up to 900 000 invalid ballots were cast in the state of pennsylvania a key election state several news outlets projected preemptively like joe biden would win do you believe that you have enough to actually change the fate of the election they asked well i think i have enough to change pennsylvania the pennsylvania election was a disaster giuliani said we have people that observe people being pushed out of the polling places p have we have people who were suggested to vote the other way and shown how to do it i’m giving you the big picture julian described detailed investigation in pennsylvania which may have translate to new lawsuits this week as early as monday he alleged republican observers in pittsburgh pennsylvania were kept out of the room kept away from the room for 12 24 hours where mail-in ballots were counted adding 153 000 ballots that were counted during that time now listen pennsylvania we’re only down by 40 000 votes if even just what one percent i don’t know the math let me check the math i don’t want to i don’t want to get the math wrong i don’t want to get the math wrong let’s see nine hundred thousand times point oh come on i don’t want to get the math wrong oh my gosh i i can’t even calculate that must have been frustrating what what is going on with this calculator app i am really sorry nine thousand okay so definitely not ten percent less than ten percent five percent we would need at least five percent

right why is my mat so bad this is why i don’t like filming too early in the morning we would need at least five percent of those nine hundred thousand individual ballot claims we would need at least five percent to swing that state that is very important because pennsylvania is key we can flip pennsylvania then we gotta flip a couple other states and then we’re good

even though we went out to court we were still allowed to move six feet closer the democrat machine people moved the county machine place six feet further away this is documented on videotape there were upwards of 50 witnesses giuliani said which would be the subject of monday’s civil rights lawsuit on monday well that sounds redundant which would be the subject of a monday civil right lawsuit on monday okay giuliani said that the trump team was also looking into whether ballots were cast in the name of people who allegedly dead and if those ballots were backdated we have another evidence right now from not only the post office but from others that were the back dating i can only tell you right now that the amounts are about two to three thousand votes julianna said but two to three thousand votes that’s a close to ten percent of what we need to flip so that helps joe biden has not certified as the winner of any states let alone any of the highly contested states heading for mandatory recounts or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legitimate legal claims that could determine the ultimate victor the statement reads on friday associated supreme court justice ordered all pennsylvania county board of elections to segregate late revival battles from the ballots from the rest of the mainland ballots during the counting process however democrats in each state have said the supreme court should not involve itself in the election and the election would outcome would be unlikely to change

of course the state supreme court would say that what are they complicit in what are they hiding up listen it’s it’s it’s possible that the the people that uh you know that that supreme court the the democrats in the state has said the supreme court should not involve itself in the election and the election outcome would be unlikely to change well then what are you afraid of if you think the election outcome is unlikely to change if you think you’re so innocent why cannot we look into what is going on here there may not be fraud it might all be in our heads it might all just be our our selection bias and what we’re viewing because maybe we’re all in just this crazy denial phase where we just cannot believe what happened so we’re we’re just anything we see we’re just attributing to fraud that’s entirely possible i’m not ruling that out highly unlikely but i’m not ruling that out we need to investigate we need to get in there why are you so afraid for us to to get to the bottom of it we need to see it to believe it we’re we’re we are seeing too much sketchiness too much sketchy stuff obviously all the sketchy stuff all these glitches all these potential froze all these dead people are all favoring one particular candidate and we see it and there’s a pattern there’s a pattern we’re analyzing this pattern and we want to get to the bottom and the source and why this pattern’s occurring undo this destructive pattern and see what the actual results are because i i do not deny that biden probably did get a lot of supports a lot a lot of votes that’s a reason why they sent in a mail-in ballot to every house because nobody would have ever went to the polls to vote for biden it’s just easier to check out biden on the ballot and just send it back in i’ll give it that but there’s still there’s still an incredible amount of fraud going on an incredible amount of fraud allegedly that we need to get to the bottom of it we need to see it and any democrat that doesn’t want us to see it that doesn’t want us to go in and investigate is either complicit part of it or just plain stupid because what are you afraid of what are you afraid that what we might uncover anyway guys thank you for watching like subscribe notifications on do it every single day please become a patreon my show is completely demonetized everywhere become a patreon i will give you a call to say thanks also check out my merch the canceled merch we’re about to cancel buy it in we’re about to cancel voter fraud check out the merge all that helps out the show also text me 917-540-8768 to stay updated on my mailer in case i disappear from the internet you’ll always have me there thank you for watching peace out


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