Rep. Doug Collins will lead Georgia Recount Team for Trump!

Will Georgia Filp back to Trump?

Trump campaign says Doug Collins will lead the campaign’s recount team in Georgia.

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so the trump campaign says that rep doug collins will leave the campaign’s recount team in georgia let’s just hope they’d remove fraud before they do this recount so the trump campaign announced before we get into this please draw this video a like subscribe and turn the post notifications on also share this this is all important news that the mainstream media probably won’t be covering the trump campaign announced rep dog collins to lead george’s recount efforts president donald j trump campaign today announced that rep doug collins will lead the campaign to recount him in georgia where the recount will begin as soon as the canvassing has concluded we are concerned about the lack of transparency in the tabulation process especially given the report of re-racket irregularities and improper ballot harvesting in georgia said matt morgan trump 2020 general counsel in order for americans to have full faith and confidence in our election every legal vote must be counted and every illegal or fortunate vote must be excluded we look forward we look forward to guaranteeing that our elections are safe and secure just as we look forward to president trump winning georgia republicans stand by the ideal that every eligible voter should be able to vote legally and have to be counted said rep collins during the coming recount we are confident and we will find evidence of improperly harvesting ballots and other irregularities that will prove president trump one georgia fairly again on his way to re-election as president georgians deserve a free and open process and they will get one now comment below if you agree also let me know do you think that trump will end up flipping georgia it’s looking more and more likely that trump will be able to flip more and more states so let’s see what he’s down in georgia he’s only down by 10 000 votes in georgia that is so insanely close it’s like what is that the percentage 5 million voted five million people voted in georgia supposedly i bet you some of those were dead people supposedly five million people voted in georgia and trump is only down ten thousand votes just remove the dead people from that voter roll and georgia is a win an easy flip now giuliani says that pa should be a flip and uh trump is down 43 000 there let’s see what else could possibly be a flip arizona only down 16 000 so we’re down less than what we were earlier in the day nevada down 25 uh around 30 i think yeah 32 000 in nevada i mean these states can be flipped they’re not there’s not big margins only down 2 000 in wisconsin these margins are not big as a whole and they’re not big as a percentage comparatively to the amount of votes it can be flipped it can be done it will be done if we just keep on fighting we keep fighting for this don’t let the media get you down don’t let the bullies the left-wing bullies tell you to give up he lost already no the election’s not over did we didn’t think that this was going to be an easy election this this we’ve been have to put we’ve been having to put up a fight for so long now constantly we’re not going to give up trump we’re we don’t we’re not the left we go down swinging we’re not going to go down crying we go down swinging and guess what we’re going to refuse to go down we’re going to win this we are going to win this the fraud will be exposed every year this fraud every single year let’s just take the dead people off that voter roll and we got an l no i sent an l they got an l we got the dub so anyway guys thanks for watching likes and translocations on newbury every single day if you can please join my patreon if you join my patreon i will call you to say thanks i’m giving you guys the news the mainstream media won’t give you and the left have obviously destroyed my life and they’ve cut all my income down so i’m completely funded by you guys anyway guys thank you for watching peace out


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