This Election is still VERY CLOSE! TRUMP CAN WIN!

This Election is still VERY CLOSE! TRUMP CAN WIN!

Do you think Trump will win?

I show you how this Election is still Neck and Neck

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guess what guys this election is far from over and it is wildly irresponsible for the mainstream media to call this race and i’m going to show you how i’m going to show you how all these states can easily flip to trump in just one second if you can please drop this video like subscribe and turn the post notifications on new video every single day also share this video to help relieve your election anxiety so guess what this fraud can be easily won after removing voter fraud and glitches in nevada trump is only down by 35 000 arizona he’s down by 19. georgia he’s down by 10 wisconsin down by 20 pennsylvania down by 40. and i’ll show you right here on the map now nevada is these these are the most important states that trump needs to win to push him over the electoral college so uh let’s see nevada actually what’s up with georgia georgia is the one that they’re allegedly trying to steal and biden’s only up by ten thousand there or eleven thousand uh north carolina was one of the ones i was up in question but it seems like trump’s gonna win that one he’s a large so he’s a pretty sizable lead there um probably sixty to 70 000 there now pennsylvania is the one where most of this alleged fraud is supposedly being exposed and he’s down by 40 000 there that’s that’s something that can easily be flipped when you remove dead people from the voter roll when you remove um glitches in the account and the counting machines now michigan that’s the one where there is the biggest gap and i know a lot of stuff has been exposed over there but that one still has a 150 000 vote gap it is still entirely possible michigan can flip back to trump after a bunch of fraud is exposed but that one’s gonna be the hardest one to win just because you need to expose so much fraud me personally i think trump probably did win michigan but it’s but there’s fraud and then there’s fraud that you can expose so let’s just say let’s just pretend hypothetically that there’s a quarter million fraudulent votes in michigan we would need to catch at least 150 000 of those fraudulent votes which that might be a problem because they get such a large share of those fraudulent votes to to flip whereas in pennsylvania if there’s a quarter million fraudulent votes you only need to catch 40 000 of those for nevada’s case in arizona’s case there’s still so they’re still not reporting everything so it’s still possible that that gap might get even smaller uh like in arizona let’s say another batch comes in for trump trump might only be down by 10 000 and at that point it’s easy to expose at least 10 000 fraudulent ballots same thing with wisconsin trump’s only down by 20 000 in wisconsin this is an incredibly close race between which is ironically it’s it this race has become ironically close down to the last few states which is strange isn’t that is that strange at the last let’s see one two three four five six seven the last seven states in this election has become ironically over incredibly close to the point where it’s down by a few a few ten thousand ballots

i mean this is just my i mean i’m just throwing this is just a theory not saying this is fact it’s almost like so fact checkers don’t don’t don’t delete me on this this is just this is just a theory this is just what i’m throwing out there it’s almost like somebody had a bunch of fake ballots ready to go in case they needed it in case it got down to the wire that’s kind of the feeling that i get that’s the kind of feeling that i that i feel because how it it’s so crazy to see a race so close in all of these states at the at the end of the line like at the wire where like trump’s about to pull through and like win vegas betting odds has him as minus 800 like he’s gonna win it’s like a guaranteed win and then all of a sudden pulling bullets closed uh new batches come in that are majority for biden it’s almost it feels like it feels like they had this stuff they had all these biting ballots like stuffed in a male in a someone’s trunk in someone’s van or a warehouse just ready to go for whenever they needed it so i’m after looking at this i’ve become even more confident that this could be overturned and it’s wildly i mean let the left let the democrats cheer and chant because let’s let’s be real i mean if doesn’t if if if we do win it would be an even more glorious victory i’m i went to the trump rally they’re all flipping me off f you this that and the other thing well what are you gonna do the game’s not over we’re in extra innings it’s like we’re it’s not even close to over there’s still gonna be another month or two of the of of this going on it’s not over why why are you prematurely celebrating the reason why they’re prematurely celebrating is because it’s like in football you know when um one team has a penalty or one one team does something wrong um they don’t want to get caught that they got the penalty so they do the hurry up offense to quickly get the next play off like oh the ref made the wrong call before he corrects it get the next playoff get the next playoff so it cannot get reversed the democrats are trying to do that uh hurry up offense type of playbook but that’s not how this works there’s no court system in in football is that once the football once the next play is off you can’t go back to the previous play that’s not how it works in pol in real life that’s not how it works in politics and how it works in government you can’t just declare victory and that doesn’t mean we can’t go back and and and fix what happened it’s not how it works that’s what they’re trying to do they’re going to fail i can’t wait i hope i hope we win we got to stay positive we got to stay confident we got to keep fighting we got to not stop by fighting i don’t mean fist fight clarify that because people might be like oh you’re an extremist no fighting i mean you know fighting for rights type deal you know just um philosophically fighting fighting for fairness that type of stuff anyway guys let me know what you guys think like subscribe to the notifications don’t do it every single day if you become a patron i will call you i make no money off of this content off of getting the word out to you guys we’re all going to do our part i’m doing my part uh doing my investigating i’m doing my part getting the news out to you guys uh so you guys can do your part as well that could help fund people like me and other people out there or getting out there as well so i’m doing my part i hope everyone else does their part thank you for watching peace out


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