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so i’m going to be going undercover at the black lives matter antifa protest riots i guess in support of biden but there’s no biden signs and then we’re also going to be going to the trump uh support uh protest and we’re going to compare and contrast and try to talk to people interview people see what’s going on yeah drop this video like and subscribe turn the positions off you don’t miss out check out this uh biden rally this biden celebration rally i don’t see one biden sign not one biden flag nothing for biden what what is this thing oh it’s antifun blm okay please don’t take your kids to these things what’s going on here man what’s going on here right now is a lot of love and unity man you feel me it’s not even over yet like for real we still holding it down like we need all of this we don’t we don’t give up man like we do not give up at all it’s still love here everybody here is going to still continue to do their thing regardless you’re here to keep the people like i said it’s not even over because trump is gangsta you feel me and he’s going to be out there making it do what it is


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