Will President Biden BAN us from All Social Media?

Will President Biden BAN us from All Social Media?

Does this Scare you?

Biden wants a task force focused on Online Extremism



this is an extremely terrifying task force by the biden harris administration they want to have a task force for online harassment and abuse now i’m going to go into why this is terrifying in just one second if you can please drop this video like subscribe to the pulsifications on and share this with your friends we need to keep together we need to stick together so this is terrifying but we already know they were in cahoots with each other but this brings it to a whole nother level we’re going to see google twitter and facebook reps on this board just watch so this is posted in biden harris in addition president uh biden will establish a new task force on online harassment and abuse to focus on connection between mass shootings online harassment extremism and violence against women what like what does violence against women like have anything to do with this extremeness now this is the problem mass shootings okay that’s fine extremism that’s a problem like online harassment and extremism violence against women i i don’t know i guess violence against anybody should be something that you should look into i don’t know why you single out women but the problem is with eyeliner harassment and especially extremism is that comes down to so much of a subjective point of view there are people out there who think i am a radical extremist and that’s why they actively seek to destroy my life and that’s why they have destroyed pretty much all of my income i’m completely funded by you guys now so if you guys become a patron i will call you to say thanks the only way i could afford to live to give you guys the news but that’s a problem when when you have these when you have a vague term thrown in there extremism they can classify anything as extremism this this could lead i’m hoping i’m wrong if biden becomes president this could lead to mass bans of your favorite creators online and that’s why this is scary because we’re already seeing them do it now they’re doing it now behind the shadows now they’re gonna start doing it if if bited wins this is a big if you know a little asterisk there now they’re gonna start doing it in in in plain view in the front they’re gonna they’re gonna have a whole task force they’re gonna have reps they’re gonna put these guidelines in place and we’re going to see censorship on the internet like we’ve never seen it before everything that we that we have been doing to crack down on big tech is going to be completely reversed completely all that progress is just going to go away hopefully if if biden harris administration does come in hopefully trump does a bunch of executive orders to help us out before he leaves or something because this is this is going to be this is this is going to be scary if this is the reality this is going to be really scary anyway guys let me know what you think like subscribe to both locations i’m new to every single day um if you can’t please bring on patreon it’s the only way i can pay my bills also text me in case i disappear numbers right over here thanks for watching peace out


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