Real Clear Politics REMOVED PA from Biden Election Results

Real Clear Politics REMOVED PA from Biden Election Results

Will PA Flip back to Trump?

Real Clear Politics Pulls Pennsylvania Call for Biden — WITHDRAWS ELECTORAL VOTES!

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so break in real clear politics polls pennsylvania call for biden and they withdraw the electoral votes now this is big and before we get into it please drop this video like subscribe until the post notifications on and send this to a friend that’s worried that trump might lose because this is looking better and better for trump as the days and the minutes go on so this is what real clear politics looks like right now they have biden at 259 electoral votes and trump at 214 electoral votes they pulled the call from pennsylvania they originally had that called uh pennsylvania for biden which would have made biden win now the the states that real clear has not called yet is arizona georgia north carolina pennsylvania and alaska now if we want to look at a pathway to victory for trump we can easily look at it this way alaska trump is leading pretty big there that can be a win for trump north carolina trump is still winning there that can be a win for trump easy win those two easy wins and then we’re looking at georgia georgia’s under a bunch of investigation and i think trump’s only down by 10 000 votes there that can easily be won pennsylvania a lot of stuff’s going on there exposing the fraud that can easily be won arizona i think trump’s only down what 13 and 16 000 votes and every time a new batch comes in uh trump is gaining on biden he can win that one without any voter fraud investigation trump can win that all of that that’s more than enough to have trump win so there is a pathway to victory for trump and it is possible it is it is all completely possible so let’s read more into this article um of course the voting count in philly took place behind closed doors no republican poll watchers i’m sure if you i’m sure that you guys remember on election night trump was winning pennsylvania by 700 000 then all of a sudden a batch came in that put biden in the lead uh let’s see president okay let’s see anything else just in case you’re wondering are our cpa is thrown okay so this is we’re pennsylvania house gop members tomorrow we’ll call for a legislative audit of the 2020 election and demand election results not be certified nor electors be seated until the audit is complete which is that is how someone goes that’s not how effing works uh this party is radicalized so much they’re out of control and need to stop terrorizing the american people what in the world

listen let me see what else they’re saying they only have to pull this bs off successfully in pa and in two other swing states lol see the liberals the left is losing their mind they don’t want us to look into this voter fraud they are scared they are terrified that it’s going to swing the election and it will and and honestly if i was a leftist if i was a cheating loser leftist that just these are vile people if i was one of them i would not want investigations to go through because i know it would lead to my side losing i would know trump is dedicated trump is a fighter i know the republicans they’re fighters they’re not criers they’re fighters i would be scared i’d be like oh no i do not want them to investigate because then then they’re going to win and we’re going to lose so i don’t blame them because they know they know we don’t give up they know we we go down swinging they cry when when when when trump won the last election they were screaming and crying at the sky when biden supposedly won this election you will not see one video of republicans crying or screaming towards the sky if there is send it to me because i want to see it so i can laugh at it but we’re fighting we’re we’re this election is not over and people do i don’t know how many times i have to say this if you have any friends that are republicans that think this election’s over send them my videos show them this podcast show them this show it’s not and we need to continue the fight trump can’t do it alone he needs our help anyway guys thanks for watching please like subscribe to the post notifications on please become a patreon if you support me every single donation counts that helps support the show and keep me going also text me to stay updated 917-540-8768 and also you can go to to check out my canceled merch thank you guys for watching peace out


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