74,000 Mail In Ballots Found To Have Evidence Of NEVER Being Sent

The Arizona audit in Maricopa county has gotten interesting….

Auditors have not definitively proven that Donald Trump won the 2020 general election, or even that there was widespread voter fraud. 

But what these auditors have proven is that election workers were highly disorganized, negligent, and failed to properly document the election as the law requires. 

For example. 74,243 mail in ballots were allegedly found that had no record of having ever been sent out to a voter. 

State law requires that when a mail in ballot is sent out, an EV-32 form is filled out indicating such. 

Upon being received by the state, an EV-33 form is meant to be filled out for the ballot. These 74,243 ballots were obviously received, but there were no EV-32’s. 

The ballots seem to have just materialized in the hands of election officials. How could anyone prove that these ballots were legitimate or illegitimate? 

These are game changing numbers, and there’s no way to prove that a real person cast these ballots without knocking on the doors of American citizens.