Activist Confronts Ted Cruz In Restaurant After NRA Convention

A video has gone viral showing Texas Sen. Ted Cruz being confronted by an activist in a restaurant over gun control.

The video was filmed hours after Cruz delivered a speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Houston.

The activist, Benjamin Hernandez with the liberal group Indivisible Houston, asked “Why does this keep happening?”

He had initially approached the senator and requested a photograph, to which Cruz agreed.

After the camera flashed, Hernandez began asking why Cruz refuses to support further background checks for gun purchases.

“The background checks wouldn’t have stopped the shooter,” Cruz said. “You know what would have? The bill I introduced-,” he added before being cut off.

“We can make it harder for people to get guns in this country, sir,” Hernandez continued. “You know that, but you stand here, you stand at the NRA convention, it is harder when there are more guns to stop gun violence”.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cruz said.

He accused Cruz of “taking blood money” for giving the speech following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School that killed 19 children and two teachers.

“When 19 children died, that is on your hands …Ted Cruz that is on your hands,” he said as he was removed by security.

After the confrontation, Hernandez took to Twitter to defend himself. “I wasn’t going to let that f**ker walk into the restaurant where I was having dinner and not have him hear me. They can do something, but they just don’t want to. So let’s let them have it”.