Another Migrant Caravan Is Headed For The U.S. Border

As the border crisis continues, Biden has his plate full. Another caravan heads for the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The New York Post reported: “The president of Guatemala warned Monday that a possible new migrant caravan was forming in Honduras.

President Alejandro Giammattei said the country would crack down on open-air gatherings and non-permitted demonstrations due to the burgeoning caravan.”

According to Reuters and The Hill, there may be hundreds of migrants in the caravan. Mostly young adults, carrying backpacks. There are also many women, carrying their children. 

They ride in the back of pickup trucks, and others on foot. The immigrants flea their failing economy, floods, and the effects of COVID 19. Unfortunately the United States is suffering from many similar issues, and does not have the capacity for this many immigrants. 

Forcibly entering the country in large numbers, is not how you become a citizen. Many migrants are ill informed. Sending their children to America on foot, because they believe Biden is not deporting. 

The message he sends, is a dangerous one.