AOC and Schumer Call for Cuomo Resignation

Following assembly democrats giving the green light for an impeachment investigation, more of Cuomo’s peers call for his resignation. 

Most notably AOC, and Chuck Schumer have come forward and asked for the governor to forfeit his office. Both Schumer and AOC are persons of congress representing New York. Schumer in the senate, and AOC in the house. 

Every day this story develops further, with more politicians calling for his resignation, or more alleged victims coming forward and telling their stories. 

The New York Post wrote: 

“A former aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo described how he spotted her at a lobbying event, “grabbed her in a kind of dance pose” and then had her hired for his office, where he went on to “verbally and mentally abuse” her, she told New York Magazine, recalling how he would critique her outfits and once threatened to “end” her career over her failure to transfer a phone call.

The account is one of 30, New York wrote, from women who spoke “about their experiences with Cuomo, almost all who worked for him commented on the extreme pressure applied by both the governor and his top female aides to dress well and expensively; some were told explicitly by senior staff that they had to wear heels whenever he was around.”

The aid is identified only as “Kaitlyn”. She is one of many women who have described the horrors they endured under the governor.