Australia Putting Citizens In COVID Internment Camps Without Due Process

Australia has begun throwing any citizen they suspect of being a COVID-19 risk in internment camps. 

Hayley Hodgson, a victim of the Australian COVID authority spoke out about her experience at one of the camps on “UnHerd”.

She explained that one of her friends has tested positive for COVID-19, not long after undercover government agents showed up on her doorstep, having tracked her using the number plate on her scooter. 

The agents left her, but not long after uniformed officers came to her home, blocked her driveway and forced her into a vehicle that would take her to Howard Springs “Quarantine Camp”. 

Hayley had no option, she was not given due process and was told she’d face a $5,000 fine for resisting her abduction. 

She’d be in Howard Springs for a total of 14 consecutive days. She was allocated a small cabin to which she could only leave to do her laundry. 

If Hayley was to leave for any reason other than laundry, or to leave for laundry without a mask she’d be – you guessed it – hit with a $5,000 fine. 

The young woman expressed that it “feels like you’re in prison – they overpower you and it’s like you’re nothing.” 

The officers at the camp claimed that if she continued to disobey orders, she’d be imprisoned for even longer. 

When Hayley became distressed, she was allegedly offered an unlimited supply of Valium – a sedative. She was begging the guards to allow her to go for a walk, and their solution was Valium. 

The camp even caused her to lose her job, as she had no sick leave and was MIA for two weeks.