Barclays Center Stampede: NYPD Says There Was No Active Shooter

After a boxing match on Sunday, fans were stampeded when spectators thought the shooting was happening. Several people were injured, though it appears everyone made it out alive. 

The shooting was a false alarm caused by some spectators believing that an active shooter was present. The NYPD however confirmed that no shots were fired. 

A fight broke out in the stadium, and bystanders mistook the commotion for a more deadly attack. Nerves are likely high after Buffalo and Uvalde. 

“We’re used to brawls at boxing events but recent headlines and the panic of the crowd made many of us worried that our worst fears would come true,” said a boxing reporter named Ryan Songalia “It was as if they were running for their lives.”

Some believed that the sounds were mistaken as shots may have come from outside, but the NYPD confirmed that in addition to no shots being fired inside, there were none fired outside either. 

Still mass panic struck the center, and fans fled as if their lives depended on it out of fear of yet another mass shooting.