Biden announces ‘Chief of Diversity’

Wednesday the Biden Administration announced that they will dedicate a position in their cabinet to ensuring diversity in the work place. 

The Secretary of State claimed: “I am committed to bringing the diversity and inclusion work already underway at the State Department to the next level,” 

This new position will be called, “The Chief of Diversity and Inclusion Officer Position at State” 

Now many of us are very much in favor of allowing equal opportunity and diversity in the work place. But what Biden, is and has been doing is forcing diversity for the purpose of pandering to a liberal base. 

Before he announced Harris as his running mate, while still making his decision he proclaimed that it would be a woman of color. 

Everyone regardless of their race or sex should be equally considered when applying for a position. However they should be looked at as individuals not as members of a race and hired according to their experience and skill set. 

This is not a move of benevolence by our Commander and Chief, it is a political show boat.