Biden Criticizes Supreme Court’s ‘Terrible Decisions’

President Biden said Saturday that the Supreme Court has made “terrible decisions” this week after rulings on gun rights and Roe v. Wade.

“I think the Supreme Court has made some terrible decisions,” Biden said in response to a reporter asking if the court “is broken”.

On Friday, the Supreme Court announced it’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, ending a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion and giving states the power to decide.

“Today, the Supreme Court of the United States expressly took away a constitutional right from the American people that it had already recognized,” Biden said.

“They didn’t limit it. They simply took it away. That’s never been done to a right so important to so many Americans. But they did it. And it’s a sad day for the Court and for the country,” he added.

The Supreme Court also ruled this week that Americans have the right to carry firearms in public for self-defense.

On Saturday, Biden signed the most significant gun control bill in nearly 30 years after it passed through Congress.

“Time is of the essence. Lives will be saved,” he said as he addressed the country. “From Columbine to Sandy Hook to Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Parkland, El Paso, Atlanta, Buffalo, Uvalde and for the shootings that happen every day in the streets”.

“How many times have you heard that, ‘Just do something, for God’s sake just do something?’ Today, we did,” he added.

The new legislation will incentivize states to pass red flag laws and expand background checks for those under 21.