Biden Met With Hundreds Of Protesters During Visit To Michigan

As Biden visited Howell, Michigan on Tuesday, he was greeted by protesters with signs and flags.

Roughly 500 protesters were present as Biden arrived. They were waving Trump flags and held signs that read “F*** Joe Biden” and “Stop the Spending”.

Livingston County resident Philip Ludwig told the Detroit News, “So we just want Biden to know we’re not happy with his spending. We’re not happy with the way our country’s going and the job he’s performing. And we would like him to step down”.

In response to the signs and “F*** Joe Biden” chants from across the country, the President said “That’s why, notwithstanding some of the signs I saw, that’s why 81 million Americans voted for me”.

Biden was visiting Howell to gather support for the “Build Back Better” agenda and infrastructure bill.

Democratic Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin, who sat next to Biden during his visit, said she was embarrassed by the protesters. “He said, ‘aren’t we next to a school?'”, she recounted. “I pointed out the school to him and, he said ‘I guess I’m still surprised when people, even if they don’t like me, are willing to be that profane around children”.