Biden Prepares To Unveil Gun Control Measures Thursday

On Thursday President Hoe Biden is expected to unveil his executive plan to ‘curb gun violence in America’ 

While we don’t know exactly what is Biden has in store for us, we can speculate. On his website he had pretty good indicators of what he planned to do. 

‘Get weapons of war off the street’ likely referring to the AR-15, Joe Biden does not want ‘military grade weapons’ in the hands of Americans.

Biden also wants to end the online sale of firearms, ammunition, and weapon parts. This was listed as a goal on his website. 

Buying firearms online is not as easy and simple as it seems. I fully loaded gun will not he dropped off at your door step like a book you ordered from Amazon. 

The weapon is sold by a licensed firearms dealer, and then shipped to the nearest gun store (another licences firearms dealer). Once there the customer can go to the shop and pick the up the weapon. However the weapon does not change hands until a background check is conducted and all necessary criteria are met in accordance with the law. 

This allows customers a wider variety of selection when choosing the weapon that best suits their needs and wants. The same reason you shop on Amazon. 

As far as ammunition, some gun owners find it difficult to find the right type of ammunition for their firearm depending on where they live. Buying online makes it easy. 

Biden plans to strip America of a valuable market, and infringe its people of their constitutionally given right to bear arms. 

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  • Killian
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    Is there any proof reading done on completion? I havent even gotten. Through the segment completely before I had to write this only for yalls own good I like the stories but for the sake of everyone atleast put a rough draft down before you post it for the world to see.

  • SCEmma
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