Biden to grant citizenship to 11 million illegals

As more and more illegals flow in every single day during this pandemic, Joe Biden is introducing a plan to grant 11 million of them citizenship. 

Typically when a boat is sinking, the best course of action is to plug the hole before bailing water. When thousands of illegal immigrants are entering the US, the best course of action would be to stop their entry, before granting citizenship to those who are already here. 

This will simply cause more illegals to immigrate here so that they can gain citizenship.

The Daily Mail wrote: 

“It provides an immediate pathway to citizenship for farmworkers, DACA recipients, and Temporary Protected Status holders. 

There is also an 8-year path to citizenship for others, which includes a five-year path to a green card and a three-year path to citizenship after background checks and other steps.”

Joe Biden is about to eviscerate the American Tax payer, and not even just from this plan alone. He seems to have no concept of cost, and where government budgets come from.