Biden Treasury Nominee Arrested For Retail Theft In 1995

Have a criminal record, but would like a place in government under the Biden Administration? That’s no problem. 

Biden’s treasury nominee Saule Omarova was arrested in 1995 for retail theft. 

Fox News: obtained a Wisconsin Department of Justice criminal background check of Saule Omarova, the president’s nominee to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

According to the background check, Omarova was arrested by Madison, Wisconsin, police officers on June 2, 1995 and charged with a misdemeanor count of “retail theft.”

Omarova is originally from the Soviet Union where she was a recipient of several awards, one being dubbed the “Lenin award” 

Omarova is vocal about the ways that she favors the communist Soviet Union over the United States. 

She explained in one tweet, that the gender pay gap did not exist in the Soviet Union whereas it does in America. 

The pay gap does exist in America, but not as a result of any systemic sexism against women. Men and women choose different career and education paths. 

Men work more hours on average than women by choice, the jobs they work are more dangerous which result in an increase in pay. These are just a few of the variables that go into the equation. 

Men and women working the exact same hours, for the exact same employer with the exact same position will make the exact same pay in America. 

The gender pay gap exists in the same way that the pay gap between whites and Asian Americans exists. 

Asian Americans make far more than white Americans on average but as a result of their own choices. Asians tend to work more, and generally prioritize their education more than whites. 


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    No more socialists/communists. Period. They have nothing but failure behind them and as socialist/communists nothing in the future but failures propagandized as the ‘greatest success of all times combined.’ Just no.

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