British Veteran Arrested For Causing Anxiety With Anti-LGBTQ Post

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A British Army veteran Darren Brady was arrested by UK police over an anti-LGBT post that he shared on social media. The worst part? It wasn’t even his post, he only shared it, the original poster was not arrested. 

When Brady explained this to the officer and asked why he was in cuffs but the original poster was not, the police told him that his social media specifically had caused “anxiety”. 

“You come to arrest me. You don’t arrest him. Why has it come to this? Why am I in cuffs over something he shared, then I shared?” Brady questioned 

The officer responded “Because someone has been caused obviously anxiety based on your social media posts. That’s why you’ve been arrested.” 

In recent years Americans, particularly Republicans have could around their right to free speech like a threatened snake. Why? Because the U.S. has become something of a last stand for true free speech. 

When we say free speech, we don’t mean the ability to threaten others verbally, we mean the ability to speak our opinions freely. No opinion is violence, no matter how seemingly idiotic it may sound.

Without the ability to speak opinions freely, and exchange ideas the truth can never be found, a wall will always exist separating humanity from reality.