Spotify Refuses To Renew Contract With The Obama’s

After this year’s controversy surrounding Joe Rogan, Spotify has reportedly decided to not allow the Obama’s on their platform. 

Bloomberg reported Wednesday that Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company ‘Higher Ground’ is exploring new options after their contract with Spotify expired, and Spotify refused to offer a new contract. 

Fox News reported, Among the potential partner’s Higher Ground is negotiating with are Amazon’s Audible and iHeartMedia. Sources tell Bloomberg News that Obama is hoping to find its new home within the coming weeks. 

Higher ground’s previous contract with Spotify started in 2019 and included the “Michelle Obama Podcast” and the Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen show, “Renegades: Born in the USA”. However, problems occurred. The platform and the Obama’s clashed, desiring for the Obamas to actually appear in more of their own podcasts. Obama’s also felt that Spotify’s exclusivity limited its audience.

The Obama’s reportedly had a “narrow commitment” to appearing in either of the 8-episode podcasts. This is apparently enough for Spotify to justify a deal with the family.