Delta May Lose Georgia Tax Break After Criticizing Voter ID Laws

A new Georgia law requires photo ID for absentee voting, and cut the time to request an absentee ballot. 

THE CEO of Delta airlines called the legislation unacceptable and claimed that the legislation was based on a lie. 

Georgia republicans retaliated by threatening to revoke an annual multi million dollar tax break from Delta. 

Delta CEO said ‘This is something that’s more than money. This is about protecting the voices of our people.’ 

The idea is, that requiring photo ID limits non white voters and silences the voices of the black community. 

In reality, photo ID is not exclusive to white Americans. Without a photo ID, non whites could not drive, open bank accounts, go to the doctors, purchase adult commodities, obtain property leases, or even get the COVID 19 vaccine. 

However, Republicans should not be allowed to strip privileges from Delta because their CEO practiced his first amendment right to speech. 

The law also bans people from handing out bottled water or food to voters waiting in line. An absurd law, that seems to serve no purpose. 

It seems that this part of the legislation would not discourage voters of color, but any voters in general who become hungry or thirsty in line.