DeSantis Sends Law Enforcement To Texas TO Deal With Border Crisis

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he would be sending state law enforcement to both Texas and Arizona in an effort to hell mitigate the border crisis. 

In a time where our federally elected officials fail to act or even consider acting on the severe border crisis, state governments are forced to aid each other. 

Fox News reported, “DeSantis said the directive was a response to requests from Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who asked other governors earlier this month to send “all available law enforcement resources.” The Republican governors have accused the Biden administration of failing to adequately address the crisis, which has resulted in increased drug smuggling and instances of human trafficking.”

“America’s border security crisis impacts every state and every American,” DeSantis said in a statement. “The Biden Administration ended policies implemented by President Trump that were curbing illegal immigration, securing our border, and keeping Americans safe.”

DeSantis claimed that Abbott as well as Ducy recently put out a cry for help, indicating that they need more man power to deal with the situation. “Florida has your back” the Sun Shine State Governor said. 

He indicated that troops would remain on assignments out of state for 16 days at least, and able to preform a variety of duties. 

“The states have sent Florida support when we’ve responded to emergencies here in our state and they wanted support so that they could do what the federal government is either unwilling or unable to do: secure the border and protect the people, not just of their states, but of the entire country,” DeSantis said.

 Allegedly Nebraska’s Governor will also send aid to the struggling states after DeSantis’ decision.