Embarrassing Video Shows California Teacher Wearing Native Headless And Flailing Around Classroom

A teacher in Riverside California was caught in film wearing a homemade Native American headdress while hopping around, flailing her arms and shouting “soh-chh-toa!” 

Los Angeles Daily News reported, In the video, which hit social media Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 20, the teacher — now placed on leave — appears to be sharing with students the word “SohCahToa,” a mnemonic device used to help remember advanced mathematics concepts. Numerous social media posts blast the teacher’s behavior as racially insensitive toward Native Americans, with some calling for her firing.

While watching the video, it’s difficult to not catch a case of second hand embarrassment. At one point, the educator climbs a desk and stomps above her students while shouting the phrase. 

The left has branded the incident as “culturally insensitive,” the event doesn’t appear particularly offensive (other than to the eyes and ears) but rather unprofessional and cringeworthy. 

In a statement Thursday morning, the district admitted that the video was in fact taken in one of their John W. North High School classrooms during a trigonometry lesson. 

The district was quick to renounce the video and reaffirm their devotion to equity and diversity.