Ex-MSNBC Analyst Trolled Over Missile Strike Reaction

A former MSNBC analyst in Ukraine has been trolled on social media all week over his reaction to a reported Russian missile strike.

In the video, Malcolm Nance, a Navy veteran who recently left MSNBC and reportedly joined Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion, is talking with NBC News in Lviv.

“Are we in an air raid?” Nance asks, as the sound of missiles can be heard in the background.

He then begins to narrate a play-by-play of the strike, using his watch to determine the direction of the attack.

“Wait, there’ll be three! Wait for one more,” Nance says. “They fire them in 30 second intervals”.

He also repeatedly use the phrase “standby” as he outlines more details of the strike.

“If it was fired from a ship, shit, we’re getting hit,” he adds. “That’s a 500-pound bomb”.

Nance’s reaction to the strike went viral on Twitter and YouTube, with many watchers criticizing him.

“First it’s a bomb, then it’s a cruise missile then says something about caliber,” a YouTube user said. “What a joke”.

The Convo Couch tweeted “The drama. The danger. Yet the people in the background are walking & acting normally & are on their phones”.

Human Events host Jack Posobiec tweeted about the video multiple times, saying “They call him LARPeus. He took the blue pill. Repeatedly”.

Others have praised Nance, claiming the video shows his military knowledge and bravery. One Twitter user even called him a “badass”.