Guest On MSNBC Tells Dems To ‘Brand Every Republican’ As Racist

During an episode of “Deadline: The White House with Nicolle Wallace,” a guest suggested that Democrats can win elections by branding Republicans as racist.

Host of the podcast “On Brand” Donny Deutsch said “23% of Republican males are okay with white nationals, white supremacist views”.

He encouraged Democrats to “brand” Republicans as “racist” as a way to win elections.

Deutsch also told Wallace that the Great Replacement Theory is the “Republican Racist Replacement Theory”.

“What the Democrats need to do — and it’s so obvious at this point — is brand them with it, is basically take this Replacement Theory and now make it the Republican Racist Replacement Theory,” he explained.

“Make every Republican answer, ‘Do you believe in it or not?’ Brand every Republican. This is the party of replacement theory. Take what is a sliver [of the Republican Party] … and make it the entire raison d’être of the Republican Party,” Deutsch continued.

He then went on to call for Democrats to “Do the same thing with violence, it’s the RV party. It’s the Republican Violence Party”.

“The very, very heinous things that they stand for and are hiding behind, brand them on it. Take a branding iron, put it on them so that any mainstream Republican has to wear that badge, and go, ‘Are you vote Republican? Do you understand you’re voting for replacement theory?'”

Many have claimed certain Republicans and conservative figures promote the Great Replacement theory, which suggests white people are being replaced by non-white immigrants.

Conservatives have also been connected with the shooting that occurred in Buffalo, New York, on Saturday. The shooter is a self-described “white supremacist” and “left-wing authoritarian”.