Idaho to Potentially BAN Mask Mandates

On Wednesday, the Idaho House passed legislation that bans government entities from creating mask mandates in their state, the final vote was 46 to 23.

Republican Representative Karey Hanks, who sponsored the bill, told his peers, “This is a matter of our personal rights and our liberty.”

Idaho 6 reported the legislators argued for about 30 minutes before they voted.

Hanks brought up how sexual assault survivors might relive trauma if they’re forced to wear a mask.

She said, “Putting on that mask just brings up the trauma again. I don’t want to debate the research really; I just want you to consider the real trauma, the real violation of a person to not ask, but require them to wear a mask.”

Republican Representative, Greg Chaney, wasn’t a fan of the comparison, he said, “Ladies in my life who have experienced things that cause me to bristle at comparing a mask mandate to a sexual assault.”