Jake Paul Tears Biden Apart In Viral Tweet

Last weekend Jake Paul ripped Joe Biden apart in a viral tweet. Considering Paul’s typically liberal views, the attack surprised many. 

“Biden accomplishments,” Paul started his tweet, and then went on to list “highest gas prices” as number one, “worst inflation” as number two, “plummeting crypto prices” as number three, and “highest rent prices ever” as number four, and finally “created an incomprehensible language” as number five. 

He then went on to call anyone who voted for the current President without remorse “the American problem”. 

“If you’re reading this and voted for Biden and you still don’t regret it then you are the American problem,” he said. 

This tweet came out of the left field. Often celebrities are not brave enough to step up and criticize democrat officials. Rather instead they are typically pressured to show support for them. 

Another user responded to Jake Paul’s tweet by saying that Joe Biden was responsible for creating 9 million jobs, reducing unemployment from 6.3% to 3.6%, vaccinating 200 million people, and pulling out of Afghanistan. 


In reality, jobs were added and unemployment was reduced because workers went back to work when COVID-19 lockdowns ended, to no credit of the President. 

Joe Biden did head the vaccine effort, but those who got vaccinated likely would have regardless of who was President if the shot was available. 

The final one is a bit of a conundrum. It’s hard to believe that anyone would use Afghanistan as a talking point to favor Joe Biden. The President led hundreds if not thousands to the slaughter. 

Joe Biden withdrew troops spontaneously breaking previous agreements made by Trump. Biden then had to redeploy troops when the Taliban rapidly seized the majority of the country including Kabul. The President confined our troops to the Kabul airport where 13 soldiers and countless civilians were killed by suicide bombers. 

Troops were redeployed because there was no evacuation plan for American citizens or Ally. Essentially all of our military equipment was left behind and then used by the Taliban to take territory. 

In the Arsenal, we left were hundreds of standard-issue firearms far more advanced than what the Taliban had been using, MRAPs, Humvees, Scan Eagle drones, operational military installations, and most notably U.S. biometric databases. 

These biometric databases were portable computers with iris scanners. They had information on most of the Afghan civilians that had assisted the American government during the war. These databases were used by the Taliban to discover U.S. allies and systematically execute them.