James O’Keefe Confronts Twitter Exec About Elon Musk Comments

A Twitter executive caught on camera mocking Elon Musk ran from Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe when asked about his comments.

Twitter Lead Client Partner Alex Martinez was recently caught in a Project Veritas video calling Elon Musk “special needs”.

“He [Elon Musk] has Asperger’s,” Martinez said. “So he’s special. I’m like, you’re special needs, you’re literally special needs”.

“So I can’t even take what you’re [Elon Musk] saying seriously,” he added.

Martinez also, ironically, told the undercover individual about Project Veritas trying to “out the employees”.

James O’Keefe confronted Martinez in the restaurant, saying “You are on hidden camera talking about Elon Musk”.

Martinez responded “oh my god” and started laughing, to which O’Keefe asked “Why are you laughing?”

Martinez was seen sipping his drink as O’Keefe read the comments back about Musk having Asperger’s. “That’s not true, that’s not true,” he said.

He then told an employee “I’m getting harassed by people that are putting me on camera”.

When Martinez left the restaurant, O’Keefe attempted to confront him again, which led to them jogging down the street.

Martinez tried to hide in a comedy club, which was owned by a fan of Project Veritas, and eventually escaped into a cab.

Musk responded to the first video, saying “Twitter exec trashing fee speech and mocking people with Asperger’s …”.