Joe Biden Cancels 3 More Oil Leases As Americans Struggle To Afford Gas

The Biden administration has canceled the remaining 3 offshore gas and oil lease sales as gas prices hit an all-time high. 

Fox News reported, The Department of the Interior (DOI), which oversees all lease sales on federal lands and waters, said a sale spanning 1.09 million acres in the Cook Inlet in Alaska was canceled due to a “lack of industry interest” while two in the Gulf of Mexico were canceled “due to factors including conflicting court rulings,” in a statement Thursday to The Daily Caller News Foundation. With the cancellations, there are no more federal offshore oil and gas lease sales scheduled.

This isn’t the first time Biden has waged war against gas and oil leases, he canceled an 80 million-acre gas and oil lease in Louisiana which then endangered their oil market. He also outright banned leasing on Navajo lands in New Mexico in the name of their sovereignty, The catch was that the Navajo Nation opposed such a ban.

The administration has no regard for the American people and will continue to acting to needlessly stand in the way of the fuel industry and raise prices. 

When faced with the gas crisis, the Department of transportation head, Pete Buttigieg told Americans that if they were unhappy with gas prices, they should simply purchase an electric vehicle (EV). An EV costs $30,000 on the super low end but usually runs around $50,000. 

If Americans are unable to afford $4-$8/gallon at the pump, they certainly aren’t able to just purchase an electric vehicle. 

This makes sense because the administration also ordered states to devise a carbon emission reduction plan as a part of their $1.1 trillion infrastructure bill, which would then be reported to the administration. This plan required states to issue regulations in order to reduce emissions from combustion vehicles.