Joe Biden Claims That Newsom’s Victory Is A ‘Win For Strong Vaccine Requirements

After Gavin Newsom defeated the California recall election, he claimed that Californians said “yes” to the vaccine. 

Not long after, President Joe Biden echoed these same sentiments. 

Fox News reported, President Biden released a statement Wednesday lauding California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall election victory, calling it a “win” for “strong vaccine requirements.”

But Californians can say “yes” to the vaccine without voting for a man who would mandate it to everyone. 

“Congratulations to Governor Gavin Newsom on defeating the recall vote, this vote is a resounding win for the approach that he and I share to beating the pandemic: strong vaccine requirements, strong steps to reopen schools safely, and strong plans to distribute real medicines, not fake treatments, to help those who get sick.” The President said in a statement. 

The very next day after Newsom’s victory, LA County Heath officials announced a new vaccine mandate in order to gain access to bars, wineries, breweries, clubs, lounges, and sporting events.