Joe Biden Yells Over Reckless Spending Accusations

After being accused of recklessly spending American tax-payer dollars the President became visibly angry and actually started yelling into his microphone. 

The Daily Caller reported that Biden attempted to debunk Republicans’ claims that he is a “big spender” contributing to a rising deficit. He said the administration will cut the deficit by another $1.6 trillion in one year.

Biden said, “We have spent a lot of money, let’s compare the facts, under my predecessor, the deficit exploded, rising every single year and all the benefits going to the top one percent, basically. Under my plan, last year we cut the deficit $350 billion doing all this … When they come to you and talk about big spenders, let them know [there is] almost $2 trillion in deficit reduction.”

Biden accused Republicans of lying about his spending. “I don’t want to hear any more of these lies about reckless spending,” he said. Shouting, he finished, We’re changing people’s lives!”

Changing people’s lives? The question is are people’s lives being changed for the better or the worse? Gas prices soar, inflation has skyrocketed since Biden took the reins, commodity prices are through the roof, and rent is higher. 

One thing is for sure, Biden has changed lives, and bank accounts. The well-being of the average American citizen is far more at risk with Joe Biden in charge than it has been with any other President in recent history.