Joy Reid Guest Claims That MAGA Supporters Want To Lynch Black Americans

MSNBC brought on a charming guest Thursday. While on the program, Brittany Packnett Cunningham alleged that supporters of “Make America Great Again” seek to “lynch or murder black people”. 

Cunningham is a progressive who hosts the “Undistracted” podcast out of Missouri. She allegedly joined Joy Reid’s show to discuss Senate Bill 666 which focuses on Self Defense laws. 

Of course, on the topic of self-defense in Missouri, Reid brought up Mark and Patricia McClosky. The pair are a St. Louis couple who brandished firearms as BLM tore down the gate to their community. The couple remained on their own property and stood in defense. 

Fox News reported, “The ReidOut” host asserted that Mark McCloskey, who is running for an open Missouri Senate seat, recently praised bill SB666 because it means that he and his wife “could have been in their slippers” and shot “every single Black Lives Matter” protestor that walked by “legally” and without subsequent detainment. 

When asked what this means for herself and other proponents of BLM, Cunningham asserted that the bill is meant to justify the murder of black Americans, and allow their skin color to be seen as an act of aggression. However, the bill sees no color and favors anyone who lawfully deploys self-defense, including black Americans. 

The activist continued by pointing out that by 1950 Missouri had the second-highest amount of lynchings “outside of the Deep South”. She went on, “So when folks talk about ‘making America great again,’ that’s the kind of Missouri grand ol’ tradition that they want to return to. They want to return to days when you could lynch or murder Black folks and there would be absolutely no retribution for it. That’s not hyperbole. I’m telling you as a Black Missourian and as a protestor, that is reality.”