Joy Reid: Republicans Want COVID ‘Pumping Through’ Their Veins

On Wednesday, MSNBC host Joy Reid opened her show by attacking Republicans over COVID, claiming they want it “pumping through” their veins.

Reid started by saying, “We begin tonight with a message to Republicans. Okay, we get it! COVID is the precious and you love it”. She then went on to claim Republicans want the virus to spread everywhere, including stores and schools.

You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships and at the club. That great spongy ball with the red spikes, you want it pumping through your veins with an ivermectin chaser.

Joy Reid

She called Republicans “weirdos” and explained that “everyone else” except them hates COVID. “Why do you love it so much? We have absolutely no bloody idea”, she said.

Democrats have repeatedly attacked Republicans for their COVID policies, especially Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Reid has previously spoken on the governor, saying “He may be a sociopath. We don’t know what his pathology is, but he’s not stupid & I think that he understands that if he is going to inflict death on schoolchildren, he’s going to have to make it real hard for their parents to vote”.

She has also been in a feud with musician Nicki Minaj after accusing Minaj of using her platform to encourage people to not get vaccinated. Minaj tweeted that she believes in the right to choose instead of being forced and called Reid “uncle tomiana”.

Many have jumped to support Minaj, including Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens. Owens stated, “”But at the end of the day, they think Nicki Minaj and all rappers are very stupid. And Nicki Minaj, right now, is proving them otherwise. She’s not afraid”.