KICKED OUT of Mall for Trump Mask!

This kid gets kicked out of the mall for wearing a Trump Mask!

Stupid rent-a-cops attempt to kick this kid out for wearing a Trump mask. The girl recording even gets yelled at as the security calls her a 17 year old while they start to act like 12 year olds , it is quite hilarious (if you are watching to laugh at the IDIOT Security).

Watch the Clip here

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  • PatriotWolf
    Posted January 30, 2021 4:29 pm 0Likes

    How is this even remotely acceptable?

  • Ethan
    Posted January 30, 2021 8:28 pm 0Likes

    That security guard needs to be fired most definitely. However using the term rent-a-cops makes your articles not worth reading.

  • Jeffrey Epstein
    Posted February 1, 2021 12:03 pm 0Likes

    I saw someone wearing a Biden mask on my private island, you wouldn’t believe the look on his face when I sent him off on a raft with no food and water.

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