Letitia James Dropped Out Of NY Governor’s Race After Bombshell Cuomo Report

New York Attorney General Letitia James, the woman who released the first official report detailing Andrew Cuomo’s sexual assault spree, has dropped out of the states Governor race. 

James says that she will continue her work as Attorney General, rather than running for governor. 

“There are a number of important investigations and cases that are underway, and I intend to finish the job. I am running for re-election to complete the work New Yorkers elected me to do,” she said. 

The New York Post reported, The move followed heavy criticism from former Gov. Andrew Cuomo that James’ investigation of sexual harassment allegations against him was politically motivated.

Cuomo resigned in August, one week after James — using outside investigators — released a report that accused him of harassing 11 women, including nine current or former state employees.

James was, at the time the report was released a front runner in the polls. The Attorney General polled the second highest among Democrat voters in the state. She came in just behind Cuomo himself, who was still governor. 

This does seem like a perfect window for James to attack Cuomo, and assume his office during the next election. However in reality, the hypothetical plan isn’t that plausible. 

Kathy Hochul, not Letitia James would take Cuomo’s position leaving James to contend with another political adversary. 

Now, James has simply decided not to run at all clearly showing the intent behind her actions.