Hospital Pauses Baby Deliveries Over Vax Mandate Resignations

Lewis County General Hospital in Lowville, NY will have to temporarily stop delivering babies because maternity-ward employees are quitting over the vaccine mandate.

Gerald Cayer, the county health system’s CEO, said Friday that six employees have already resigned and seven more are considering not getting the vaccine.

“If we can pause the service and now focus on recruiting nurses who are vaccinated, we will be able to reengage in delivering babies here in Lewis County”, Cayer told WWNY. He also mentioned that 165 of the hospital’s employees haven’t been vaccinated yet.

All healthcare workers in New York must get vaccinated by September 27 or risk resignation. Cayer reported that 30 workers resigned shortly after Cuomo’s announcement in August.

The hospital is set to pause deliveries after September 24. Cayer said he hopes the situation is temporary and will work with the state Department of Health to ensure the unit doesn’t close permanently.

“Our hope is as we get closer (to the deadline), the numbers will increase of individuals who are vaccinated, fewer individuals will leave and maybe, with a little luck, some of those who have resigned will reconsider”, Cayer said.