LGBTQ Shooting Suspect Identified as Non-Binary!

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The Suspect in the shooting at Club Q is now identified as being Non-Binary according to court filings.

This shooting took place at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub.

Democrats were quickly to blame the Right wing and GOP before any facts came out.

Now that the facts are out it is presumed that this might not have been a Rightwing extremist as they suspected.

The suspect uses the prefix “MX” in place of “Mr, Mrs. Ms”, this is what is used by the transgender community.

“As we wait for evidence and information to emerge, what we do know is that this violent and unspeakable crime, which clearly targeted LGBTQ people, illustrates two facts: One, the epidemic of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, especially anti-transgender rhetoric, is infecting every part of America, created by politicians in their crass drive for power, parroted by right-wing media outlets, and amplified by social media platforms who prioritize profits over public safety. And two: assault weapons continue to senselessly end American lives and we need common-sense gun safety reform now,” – Tony Morrison, senior director of communications for GLAAD.

“newly released GLAAD polling now shows a worsening climate for LGBTQ people: 72% of transgender people and 48% of the LGBTQ community overall say that the current political environment makes them fear for their personal safety.”  – Tony Morrison