Lori Lightfoot BLAMES Trump For Chicago Schools Remaining CLOSED

Lori Lightfoot has a long history of casting her own lack of ability on others, but this is a new low. In an interview with CNN, Lightfoot said “incompetence of the previous administration” is the reason Chicago schools remain closed

If you asked Lightfoot to point to this “incompetence”, it’s almost certain she wouldn’t have an answer. 

Trump had consistently been pushing for our schools to remain open. School age children are highly unlikely to transmit Covid 19, and closures are in fact a result of Lori Lightfoot, not the former administration. 

Let’s imagine for a second, even if schools were a hotspot for covid transmission…. What has Trump done to worsen this? The pandemic was coming, and there was no stopping it.

Did we suffer more than other countries? 

According to John Hopkins mortality analysis, the United States actually sustained the virus far better than other developed nations.

It would seem Lightfoot simply needs an excuse to cast blame away from herself and onto others.