Man Assaulted At Chappelle Protest Over “Jokes Are Funny” Sign

During an Anti-Dave Chapelle protest, comedian Vito Gesualdi was assaulted for exercising his first amendment right as American. 

Gesualdi showed up to the event with a sign that said “JOKES ARE FUNNY”. He entered the crowd chanting “I like Dave” and expressing that he thinks Dave Chappells’s jokes are funny. 

“He’s a funny guy,” the comedian said as the crowd quickly closed around him. The protestors recorded him and chanted back. Gesualdi stood on a cement planter and shouted “I’m in charge of the protest now!” 

Soon after a young woman approached him with a sign, and shouted “black lives matter!” It’s unsurprising that BLM advocates would hijack a protest that has nothing to do with racial injustice, but nevertheless Gesualdi joined the woman in her chant. 

The crowd appeared to become increasingly upset when they realized that the man had started chanting “black lives matter.” 

Another video shows Gesualdi swarmed, and back on the low ground. Protestors grabbed his sign and ripped the poster board from the stick. 

As soon as the poster board was removed, and only a stick was left, the crowd immediately accused him of possessing a weapon. To this, the counter protestors laughed. The accusations were absurd. 

By this standard, every other person in attendance bearing a sign was also bearing arms. 

Gesualdi joined in “he’s got a weapon,” referring to the stick in his own hand.  

“You’ve got a weapon dude, step back,” one protestor said. “Oh you want me to drop my weapon?” He replied suddenly letting the wooden dowel fall to the floor. “There’s my weapon.” 

Not long after, two protestors can be seen in the background walking away with the materials that once made up the sign. 

“I’m just here to say that jokes are funny,” he said as a women blocked his movement with her body. “I don’t know why all the violence… I don’t know why all the hate…” he questioned as another woman shouted in his face ringing a tambourine. 

As the video ended Gesualdi shouted “I love Dave Chapelle! Woooooo,” some, unknown persons behind the camera cheered.