Man With ‘I’m Vaccinated’ Pin Harasses Woman In Target

A man was seen following a woman around Target and harassing her for not wearing a mask.

The man in the video has a mask on as well as an “I’m Vaccinated’ pin. The woman filming says she has natural immunity and tells the man not to follow her around pointing.

He proceeds to follow her noting that there is a state regulation on masks, but she points out that it’s not a law.

He then explains that his wife is a doctor who “specializes in infectious disease” and he knows what he’s talking about. At this point, other shoppers have begun asking him to leave her alone.

The man calls her a “bad American” and tells her she’s making a bad decision. Other shoppers argue that everyone has a choice to get vaccinated and he continues to follow them around.

Near the end of the video, another woman can be heard calling the man disgusting as others separate him from the checkout area.