Media Matters Deputy Director Of External Affairs Claims Credit For Project Veritas Ban

The Deputy Director of External Affairs at ‘Media Matters’ has taken credit for the ban on Project Veritas’ Twitter account. 

Brennan Suen, despite his efforts against Project Veritas, has fallen victim to their outstanding undercover journalist operations. Thursday Suen was caught on camera proudly crediting Media Matters with the ban occurring on the Project Veritas Twitter account. 

Project Veritas’ founder, James O’keefe has also been the subject of Twitter’s war on information. Several months ago, around the same time that his organization was removed from the platform, he was too. 

In the secret video, the undercover journalist pretended that he was on Suen’s side, saying “You really gotta hammer these f—king Project Veritas people.” Suen let his ego get the best of him, playing right into the hands of the “Veritas people”. 

The Media Matters employee responded by saying “Thank you! We have people doing it. It’s just hard.” He continued by saying “Actually you know, they’re not on Twitter anymore – so we have had some victories.” 

The secret journalist played dumb and questioned him, “They’re not on Twitter anymore?” Suen responded saying “nope they’re blocked, thanks to the work we’re doing here.” Effectively giving his company credit for the censorship of their opposition’s speech. 

The deputy director of external affairs explained that their work has caused “some of their horrible videos” to be removed as well.