Minnesota Protestor “Throwing Things Is The Only Way They Will Listen”

Following the police shooting if Daunte Wright there has been unrest in Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis. While Sean Hannity was on air, a Fox News correspondent interviewed a protester. 

The protestor bore a prop. The prop was a pigs head with a police hat, impaled by a stick with an American Flag. 

this man could also be seen earlier in the day

The protestor proceeded to tell the Fox correspondent that he was a Navy veteran, and he believed that the only reason to solve issues was “to throw things” 

He also claimed that he wants the police force should be completely remade, and all existing officers should “lay down their guns and badges” 

This, obviously will never happen. Nor would it be productive. 

He claimed that all officers were members of a systematically oppressive force. Also a claim that is baseless