NC Parents Concerned About After School ‘Satan Club’ For Elementary Students

Parents in Greensboro North Carolina have become concerned that a local satanic temple is hosting an after-school club for elementary school children.  

Organizers of the club claim that it has nothing to do with Satan, but rather free speech. The club has also sprung up in other states like Illinois and Ohio. Some states, like Pennsylvania, however, has rejected the club’s operation. 

In North Carolina posters can be seen decorated with a cartoonish devil. The flier says “Hey kids, let’s have fun at After School Satan Club!”. 

The specific club pertaining to this story operates after school on Fridays in Joyner Elementary School’s cafeteria. 

The club claims to have a focus on teaching students things like empathy and benevolence despite its sinister name. Apparently, no religious teachings are involved in the club’s endeavors. 

Concerned parents are so baffled that they were, at first unable to decipher if the rumors were true. “A lot of people said ‘is this a hoax? Is this real? How can a Satan club be realistic?” Said a concerned parent named Tempee Moore. 

“So the controversy on whether a school district should allow an after-school Satan club is entirely misguided, and something they need to take up with the Supreme Court,” said the co-founder of the satanic temple, Lucien Graves. 

Graves claims that the temple doesn’t promote devil worship,